5 Heroes You Would Change (buff/nerf) - beta application

Buff / nerf

Five types

Single target mana reduction- increase to 3*= 40%, 4*= 50%, 5*= 60%

Elemental defense buff- X% versus color and 1/2 X% versus all colors to make up for A.I. Attacks being colorless.

DOT- Front load +20% of total damage. Example Proteus would do 40%, 33%, 27% of the total DOT each turn.

HP steal- remove and replace with self Heal Over Time like Thoth-Amon’s minions are essentially +self HP.

Single target enemy debuff/ dispel - I would standardized:

attack many does damage first then applies debuff/ dispel,

while single target applies debuff/ dispels first then does damage.

This would effect Valen.

I would revert Domitia to single target dispel and apply the two above changes- Elemental defense buff and single target enemy debuff/ dispel - to Domitia.

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