5 Heroes You Would Change (buff/nerf) - beta application

Just give them better def…it doesn’t even have to be a lot better for Issy. Elena needs a bit more than Issy. I maxed Issy, will not even think about Elena as she is now.

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Only one that needs a buff is Thoth Amun… the rest are fine if u know how to use them

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Azlar,Isarnia,Kunchen are slow, GVM is very fast? Is ok?

Once you get your telescopes maybe?

Truthfully I have a similar dilemma; after waiting for months for some ascension materials, finally got enough for 2 heroes in 3 weeks and because of their rarity, I’m scared to use them; ‘just in case’…:slightly_smiling_face:

Was just in another thread and was talking about Quintus. I think as he only does damage in his special, with no other effects, it would be nice if he had another damage buff. 270% is nice but he doesn’t quite have the fear factor a 5*.

If all he is going to do is damage, then make him REALLY damage

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I advocated in my beta application for buffs to a few heroes
Mok-Arr: swap mana to fast speed
Atk 601
Def: 736
HP: 1340
Deals 250% damage to all enemies
Deals 400 damage to all allies over 4 turns this effect stacks with other similar effects. This effect is undispellable.
Deals 100% extra damage against Holy enemies.
All Dark allies and enemies are immune to this attack.

Margaret: swap mana to fast speed
Atk 648
Def 821
HP 1465
The caster and nearby allies have from +20% to +90% chance of dodging all attacks that do damage. The higher the damage is, the higher the chance to dodge it. Each dodge gives +5% attack +5% def this effect stacks with subsequent dodges. Effect lasts 3 turns
(I include minion hits and tile damage/slash attacks)

Guardian Owl: swap to average mana speed.
Atk 601
Def 815
HP 1434
Target receives 480% damage
Hits another random target for each dead ally. Each enemy can only be hit once.
Caster gets -46% defense for 4 turns
Caster gets +54% attack for 4 turns
Caster regenerates 600 HP over 4 turns

The next two heroes serve as possible buffs or costumes.

Magni: mana speed fast
Atk 591
Def 793
HP 1334
Deals 420% damage to the target and minor damage to near by enemies
The caster and nearby allies get +63% attack for 4 turns

Thorne: mana speed average
Atk 793
Def 638
HP 1339

Deals 480% damage to nearby enemies and minor damage to the target.

Mok-Arr needs this buff/rework to create a better AoE purple hero, adding the DoT also keeps him from becoming OP but still allowing him to be current.

Margaret can now be a possible tank option whilst not being meta breaking it will also give challenger extra pause before planning attacks against her.

Guardian Owl has need a buff for quite some time now, this keeps the same general idea of high AoE damage with more allies dead but also makes him less of a dead hero will your whole team is alive.

The two costumes are minor tweaks that build on the already present idea of reversing hero specials. Both heros have greater range with the costumes.

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Hands off Gravemaker please. He is perfect.

Yea, perfect for the owners :see_no_evil:


Obakan - change minor damage to normal damage and increase it to 275%.

Thoth-Amun - minions for nearby allies, give the minions additional effect such as dispelling or preventing DoT.

Ameonna - give her 40% chance to Taunt

Hawkmoon - give her cleanse.

Dawa - make her equal to Karil/Isshtak.

One of the questions being asked is if you had five 5* heroes, what would you change of them.

This is my opinion: To be able to continue in season 3, I would make all 5* heroes that are slow faster. I would make them average to fast, because with the costumes and the talents, you don’t make it with only 5* heroes from season 1. But that’s my opinion.

moderator edit attempt for clarity

I think there’s a bit of a translation issue, are you saying season 3 is too hard for season 1 5* heroes?


As a free player I have no problems with clearing season 3 hard mode.
For now I use Ranvir-Helena-Elkanen-Isernia-Sabina.
All 5 are maxed out and have talent trees.
Current teampower is 4176

You are a lucky free player to have Ranvir. :wink:

My avg team power is about 3600 - 3800 depending on what S3 stages I am doing (colour monsters).
But the only 5* I use so far, is Miki. The rest all do well/great, sometimes I do feel the need or want to stack 2 healers and be more defensive. That to me has got me through a lot: Rigard, Kiril, Miki, Proteus, and then the 5th would be another blue, or purple (Triton or Tiburtus Costumed).

Or If I am needing greens I will likely use 2x Hansel + Melendor.
And for Reds Wilbur + Boldtusk are my go to.

The monsters do seem to die slower in S3 as they have more health and I assume also defense, but that hasn’t stopped me from winning. I have done all Normal and Hard Mode so far. If I must, I will use 3 healers when it gets more challenging. So long as I have a Proteus (just ascended a second to 4/1) and/or Miki, I am fine for the bosses :grinning: :grin:

Yea, it’s the only hotm I have but lucky to have him ^^

We may need to clarify what this thread is about. There are other s3 threads. This notes beta in the title but I see nothing of beta here.

I’ll watch thread and hope OP comes back to clarify, otherwise I’ll likely close.

I agree with Jonah - possibly a translation issue.

It’s a question in the beta application: ‘What are 5 heroes you would change and what would those changes be?’ Something along those lines

Thank you. When I applied to beta (back in the day), the question was to explain alliance wars and what improvements could be made to matchmaking - or something like that.

I’ve tried to edit the title and OP for clarity. Hopefully, I’ve done a better job but it’s still a little confusing.

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Miki is fabulous for S3 hard. I wish I had the scopes to max mine, but Frida won out over him…he’ll get the next set though.

My opinion is, the further you get into Season 3. In the hard part, you’re not going to make it with only five star heroes from Season 1, even with talents and their costumes. Because the costumes aren’t always an advantage. An example i have already experienced season 3 province 4 level 5.I play with Delilah and that stands on 7 talents, Richard 5 talents, Ranvir 6 talents, Obakan 7 talents and Marjana 8 talents. And then you’d say I have a strong team my troops 16