5 Heroes You Would Change (buff/nerf) - beta application

I’ve read that a lot of us have applied. The question of “What 5 heroes would you change?” came up.
Who did you guys put?

Even if you didn’t apply, or if your a current beta member, feel free to post your 5.

Note: this topic isn’t meant to debate the hero choices, just curious as to what others chose.


Kinda feels like coming out of a test, like, “What did you put for number 3??”

But I went:

Buff - Aegir, Gobbler, Dawa, Thorne
Nerf - Renfeld

Won’t get into the why’s.


Nerf - gravemaker and Guinevere
Buff - gobbler, Elkanen, kadilen

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You guys don’t know how to brown nose enough. The correct answer is every heroes is perfect just as SG created them ;-).

OK - I said that Thorne, Aegir, Kadilen, Elkmen and two thers I forget now need a small buff. That I wouldn’t nerf any hero yet, but I was keeping my eye on Kage.


I put down these:

Buff: Aegir, Thorne
Nerf: Gravemaker, Kageburado, Guinevere


My 5 were similar… a couple mentioned here and a couple not.

I only called for buffs, i dont believe in nerfing a released card that people spent money on once released live.


My 5 would be: Aegir, Thorne, Gregorion, Easter heroes and Marjana. All up.

I don’t think any hero should be nerfed, Guin and Grave are good, but without those raids would be super boring. Too easy to beat.


I said Trainer Heroes. (Since there’s one of each color, does that count as my 5?)

I feel that newbies are deceived by receiving a fully leveled 2* or 3* Trainer Hero because the hero only has a 1/1 special that does 150% damage to one hero… and the trainer has very lackluster stats. Trainer Heroes need their Special Skill buffed.


…I did mention 4 others, but this was my most interesting one.


Ok I’ve only been playing since September. Have any heroes actually been nerfed or buffed. I was thinking this wasn’t really something they do

They don’t nerf. The objective was to see what kind of objective feedback you could give if you were accepted as a beta tester.

I agree, I hunt Guins with a non maxed team. It is too easy alot, I hit top 50 easily, and I only have 4 maxed 5*s. No Nerfs, just buffs it should be since ppl spend alot to get certain HOTM n all.

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They have nerfed, but not often. They do small buffs periodically to heroes. In theory the next release will do some hero “re-balance”, which I’m hoping will buff some of the worst of the heroes.


I can’t remember the heroes I selected , but the 5 I have were basically some slow mana heroes that had week SS and I don’t see used much.

Aegir, Elena, Elkanan, Thorne, and Khagan, all buffed.

I would nerf Aegir and Thorne. They really don’t suck enough, and I enjoy bad jokes. Buff all of my heroes, nerf the the rest. Objective enough?


Buff: dawa, hawkmoon
Nerf: evelyn
New skill: chao’s falcon can block ranger attacks
Change skill: merlin…no more slash, merlin get the skill if its good or the random enemy gets the full special blow.

Edit: i said hawkmoon should have purify too…that way newbies can learn aboht the differnt kind of skills.


Buffed all. I think i put Boss Wolf, Elkanan, Gormek, Gadeirus and Colen

Dawa needs some love. :heart:


I recomended buffs to: Owl, Elk, Tarlak, and Aegir

And a nerf to: Inari

Buff : Aegir ! ,Thoth-Amun , Thorne , Gobbler ,

Nerf : Gravemaker , Athena , Guinevre , Tarlak , Hel , G Panter :slight_smile: ( or buff all other heroes )