5* heroes with slow mana

I have been fairly lucky at summoning 4* and 5* heroes and in no way am I trying to rub that in someone’s face or even really complaining about pulling 5* heroes, what I am trying to figure out though is almost all of my 5* heroes have been slow mana. While I’m truly lucky that I was able to pull these heroes, I’m wondering if there is anything I can do to use any of them to my advantage even though they have slow mana? The heroes I’m wondering about are Vivica, Bertila, Marie Therese, Khagan, Elena, Azlar. They all seem like great heroes, some really powerful they all generate Mana slowly and sometimes get taken out before they can do their special. I do have a few other 5* heroes, such as Glenda and Sartana and Reuben, all the others are slow mana. My question is what can I do with the slow mana 5* and should I Ascend any or all of them? Is there some way I can put a strong team together with the slow mana heroes? What is your opinion on team strategy with these heroes? Any help and opinions will be greatly appreciated

It really depends on your play style and level of spending. Someone like Vivica you should definitely ascend, and likewise Sartana. The others are solid heroes, even at slow mana, but there are others who are either faster mana or have stronger effects, but who you may never acquire.

In general, I’d level them to 3.70, play with them and then fully ascend the ones you like playing with.

You have to play with what you’ve got - if you had alternatives at quicker mana you would probably ascend those first.

Whilst slows have impact if they fire, you have to put a little more effort into making sure they do, and you might need to be a little more choosy in what lineups you attack with them (in wars and raids).

Slow 5* will have higher stats than 4*, and almost always more effective specials than comparable 4* heroes (higher %'s, longer durations, extra effects).
But faster 5* will be easier to use and more versatile… But if all you’ve got is slows and you’ve got ways of getting use out of them, then it’s better than sticking to 4*.

Not to put a downer on Vivica, but I don’t use her (the only other maxed 5* that I don’t use is Telluria).
Her speed is just a real downer - I find the best way to use slow heroes is to build defensively, which means including healers, minion generators and/or stalls (mana blockers, mana cutters, blinders)…
The problem with Vivica is that you’re dragging the battle out already to make your slow 5* relevant - but Vivica only drags it out further… You’re not stalling for a high impact smash like you’d get with your Bertila or Azlar.
(The above is mainly raid/war based - on maps and challenges speed is less important, but I still don’t use Vivica there because Gullinbursti is more useful there).

All this is going to depend on your 4* roster and how many suitable teams you’re going to be able to build to make the most of these heroes.

If you haven’t maxed Sartana, Reuben and Glenda already, I’d do those first.

If you’ve already maxed them, I’d max one of the slows (personally Bertila - hits harder and does more than Azlar, plus it’s a different colour to add to your bow) then learn how to use her, how to build teams around her.
Then look at your 4* bench and whether you’ve got the tools to use another of the slows.

How’s your bench generally, by the way?
Which 4’s do you have maxed? (And which ones waiting?)

Slow heroes have now events where they can make big difference. They are also useful for emblems quests or map stage . Today I have no regret to include Azlar, Khagan or Elena in my teams for fast war. In other wars I’m only using one of them in each team so he can be paired with my best mana troop.

The only one I ascended and don’t use is horghall.

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So there is no way to make their Mana faster? By a costume maybe or anything? Pretty much however there Mana is before you ascend them is the way it’s stays no matter what? With that being the case then slow mana heroes are kind of a waste as they get beat rather quickly by the heroes with average to fast Mana. As far as 4* heroes that I think are good are a costumed Rigard, costumed Grimm, costumed Melendor, Sonya, Chao, Jott, Brinhyld, Kashrek, Ametrine, Shale, Almur, Dura, Gullenbursti. They are mostly only level 2.Im still pretty new to this game as I have only been playing for about 3 months maybe even less so I have not had much time to ascend many heroes yet and I may be doing that wrong as well but that’s a whole different discussion. I thank you all for your valuable inputs on this and will take it into account. It seems to me that the 5* heroes with slow mana aren’t very useful in this game which makes it kinda useless to even give them out but not every hero can be the best otherwise it wouldn’t make for a very good game if we were all the same power and talents. Not to mention I am truly grateful for the luck I’ve had in 3 months summoning as many 5* as I have, not everyone is as lucky as I have been whether they are slow mana or not. Once again thank you for your input on this everyone, much appreciated

I frequently see the following advice told to new players:
Start with making two full teams of 3*. Then make two full teams of 4*. Only afterwards start to build your 5* heroes. This gets you more experience in the game. It is also useful in various tournaments and events. Most importantly this can be achieved much faster and maxing 5* heroes is a heavy burden for the limited resources new players have.
I think the above advice is quite a cookie cutter, and common sense can be used to deviate from it, but you might consider it.

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There are ways… But… Most of them cost.

4* mana troops will speed them up, but you’ll need to level them quite a lot to notice it.
Some classes have a node that contributes to mana speed.
Costumes contribute to mana speed (but it’s a very expensive business trying to pull a specific costume - NOT advisable).
Certain heroes boost mana regeneration speed (eg: Ariel)

Put some or all of the above together and you can speed things up a bit.

Some slow heroes are considered among the best in the game (Mother North and Alberich in particular).

I have to echo the above advice too - you can get a lot more use our of 4* and even 3* early on… 5* are rarely better at 3.70 (waiting for ascension) than a maxed 4*.

Not a waste - just use them where they will have the most impact, and try not to have more than 1 slow in any team, or at max 2. I have a BT, Wilbur, G Falcon, Colen and Sumle team that are extremely effective against almost any team, providing you can get 12 tiles. Ideally you want to hold your specials and fire them together, but you may have to fire BT and Wilbur early to ensure you survive long enough to hit the 12 tile mark.

The point about 4s is very pertinent too. I am 2 years+ into the game and about 1/3 of my war team heroes are 4s. I have almost enough maxed 5s to make 6 teams (I think I have around 24) but some of the 4s I bring are more useful than the 5s I leave out

Focus on mana troops. I have one of each color at 30. It makes all heroes fire faster.

It allows me to make use of slower heroes stronger specials.


I have 28 maxed 5* at last count… And still leave some unused in favour of better 4* heroes.

Wilbur+20 gets used every war because of synergy with BK, for example.
Almur does more in a 3-2 than Telluria.

Etc etc.

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