5* heroes positioning guide

I see. I agree that there is a danger of people taking this guide as a guide on who to ascend - it was never meant to be that.

I created it in an attempt to show which positions are the best for certain heroes because I cringe whenever I see MN in the right corner, for example.

(New) players need to focus on offence first and then think about defence.

In your example, if a player has both Bera and Zulag, I would never recommend ascending Zulag before Bera.

But for players who don’t have Bera and have ascended Zulag because they had a lot of tabards and no better option, she would be a really good tank, who does not depend on particular heroes to be effective.


If new formations become a thing Zulag will be great tank in Double and reverse double formations.
So will Ares, Siff, Margaret etc…

These new formations would really mess with your guide :slight_smile:

Although riposte is still easily dispellable, I believe they become more viable with the new raid formations. Riposte heroes can counter all heroes when in middle of the double formations. They are also harder to penetrate when hiding in the reverse formation. Sif’s have been popping up and capitalizing on these formations a lot, but even the older riposte heroes should see a somewhat increase in value, IMO. What do you think?


Yes, it would not be possible to prepare a guide for each possible formation. But the regular formation is still arguably, the most dangerous (hit 3 heroes do not hit everyone) so there will still be a lot of players using it.

I agree, riposte heroes become quite dangerous. For example, among the 4* you can place regular Boril in the middle with all allies getting the riposte (rather than using cBoril - who is not very good, imo).

Among the 5* heroes, as you said Sif in particular is really dangerous, not just because of the riposte but also because of the reduced damage and +mana generation.

But, it’s also easier to dispel these. Heroes like Domitia, who normally dispel from 3 now dispel the buffs from everyone.

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Would you mind suggesting a defensive line up for me? My alliance runs green tanks for war. I had been stuck with kadilen as my tank but finally pulled Heimdall. Now I’ll build around him as my tank.
As far as emblems I can move them around and take at least one from each class to +20
5 star heroes:

  Blue: Magni-c, Raffaele,  Richard
  Green: Heimdall, Lianna,  Kadilen 
  Red: Zimkitha,  Jean Francois, Marjana, QoH
  Purple: Clarissa, Sartana, Quintus-c
  Yellow: Joon-c, Vivica, Malosi 

Any advice is greatly appreciated

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I’d probably go with cMagni-Zim-Heimdall-cJoon-Sartana.

But bear in mind that the following two wars are rush attack wars so using fast heroes is not ideal.

For rush attack wars, I would go with Zimkitha-Raffaele-Heimdall-cQuintus-cJoon (it is quite defensive and there is an emblem conflict between Raffaele and Joon but it should do better in rush attack wars than the usual team).

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Thank you! I appreciate your input.

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Hi D_Di. It’s been a while :joy:

It’s that time again

I am currently def team - Clarissa/Santa/LofL/Krumpus/Malosi

It is standing up amazingly with the double setup

I am trying to figure out who to level next

Below is my current line up and sitting on enough mats for 1 level up (T&DB are my issue). I have tabs/tonics/darts

Bar - 841
Cle - 268
Dru - 1166
Fig - 635
Monk - 1105
Pal - 2143
Ran - 1256
Rog - 1155
Sor - 569
Wiz - 818

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If I have to level up one 5* hero of each colour, I’d go with:

B: Isarnia or Arthur
R: Kestrel
G: Toxicandra
P: Domitia
Y: wait

However, I feel like you should not be working on 5* heroes, you barely have any maxed 4*. You can max them very quickly and they will significantly improve your roster depth.

Also, you don’t have a single titan hero (Miki/Tarlak/Ranvir/Gazelle/Wu). I would advise you to max Wu Kong ASAP.

You must absolutely max these heroes as soon as possible:
B: Grimm, Jott, Frank
R: Falcon and Boldtusk
G: Almur
Y: Jackal and Mist

I would strongly advise against working on 5* heroes before you have developed your 4* bench.

For your defence team, I’d replace Malosi with Drake. Malosi shines on offence but is not that good on defence.


I have Ranvir at 3/70. Would you take him to 4/80?

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Probably not (unless you’re fighting 12*+ titans), Wu Kong does the same job without requiring darts.

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There is also argument to keep it as it is: speed

Having a ‘slow-slow-avarage’ left side like you suggest makes it a dumping place for your tiles.

Defences are no exact science.

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That’s true. There are some rules that should be followed (e.g. MN in left corner) but most of the time there are a few viable options, not just one.

If that team was rainbow, I would not have suggested a change. In this case it was more about the colours - if you have a hero with the same element as your tank, you should aim for having a flank of the weak colour between them.

But I agree that you could also make the “speed argument” - there are often pros and cons to each formation.

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Just finished Jott and Frank… what a amazing pair!!


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