5* heroes positioning guide

Ninjas are quite tricky. They don’t have a mana speed and are best when used together.

I might change it to “maybe” but if the attacker gets red tiles, she may be killed immediately. She is much more dangerous as a left flank.

It’s “rarely” not “no”, but you’re right here. I’ll change it to “yes” when I update the guide next month.

They both summon minions and minions are easily killed with tiles. In the tank position, they are more vulnerable. Freya’s advantage is her realm since she cuts mana when she dies.

Frigg and Odin have a great synergy and are completely broken on defence. If Odin fires after Frigg, the attacker will most likely lose. So the fact that some heroes work well as tanks to broken flanks, doesn’t mean that they are good tanks.


I would like to campaign for freya in a tank position.

  1. Fast mana
  2. Survivability for whole team with def up and minions
  3. family reign bonus cuts mana
  4. decent stats for def and hp when fully emblemed

Freya is already a “rarely” as a tank and I’m NOT planning to change it to “maybe” or “yes”.

Yes, she has fast mana but all she does is summon minions and add +30% defence. Neither of these actually harm the attacker. The buff can be dispelled (or just ignored since it’s not very high compared to other heroes whose defence buff is +63%) and the minions can be killed with tiles.

A lot of heroes have tanky stats when fully emblemed.

As I previously said, the only argument to put Freya as a raid tank is her realm since she cuts mana when she dies.

She could be a better tank in wars or in tournamentss in which you can’t use yellow heroes but I wouldn’t recommend tanking with her in your raid defence unless you
don’t have other tank options.


Ok it’s your opinion i respect it. Since i replace telluria with freya in my raid defense team, my win rate increased a lot.

What team are you running?

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Misandra frigg freya vanda joon

Take out Frigg and let us know then how it is .


Yes, this is more about replacing the “green hero” Telluria with the “green hero” Frigg, rather than replacing the “tank” Telluria with the “tank” Freya.

When i look the world top20, there is always at least 2 beras and 2 freyas… of course the flanks are killers but the two brave purple ladies are there in the first line. Tanks are there to gain time and make the flanks send lethal missiles

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When I view the heroes in the 5 star best position guide they all appear blurred…???

Hi, have you clicked on the image?
It looks blurred since it’s a long image but once you open it, the quality should be fine.

Please let me know if that is not the case.

People on the leaderboard get there by winning raids on offence and most of them are online when they get there or have recently logged off.

Also, I have seen Finley as a right wing, BK as a right flank in the top 20 so their defence teams are not always the best.

Yes, Bera and Freya could be okay-ish tanks with broken flanks but are not good tanks by themselves.

Maybe it’s an issue with screen resolution? It’s clear and readable for me on my phone and my laptop.

Wait … if I zoom in on the image in the post without clicking on it it’s blurry.

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The only way for it not to be blurry would be to seperate it into a few images so that they are smaller.

But one image which is clear when you click on it is the better option, imo.

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I agree, also easier to cross reference in one image than in many.

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Ok proofs are there but you want to be right. No need to discuss with you anymore

Check out this thread:

Let’s agree to disagree.

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Thank You @D_DI, for sharing this and the 4* heroes version!
It has helped me many times when reviewing my team compositions and I appreciate it! :slightly_smiling_face::star2::sparkles:



I need some help on to maximise the strengths of my defense team. This is my current team from leff to right Mother nature- MISSANDRA-Telluria - isarnia-marjana. (so two grean , two blue and one red)
this is what I have to pick from : domitia, glenda, khiona, ranvir. Inari, reuben, azlar, grimble, elena, bai yeoung, sir roostley, queen of hearts, tarlak, khagan, vivica, kadilen

Any help would be needed thank you so much

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I would be able to help you if I know which of these heroes are maxed and whether they have emblems.

By the way, Isarnia should not be on the right, she is a left flank.

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