5* heroes bugged in Atlantis summon

It it normal to not drop a single 5* hero after doing around 50 pulls?
This can’t only be bad luck

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Yes, it can be simply bad luck (sadly).

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Very Very unlucky.
I still think this can be more than bad luck.
SG should implement a pity counter :slight_smile: - get at least one 5* on every 30 pulls or something.
Not getting a single 5* in 50 pulls is very discouraging.

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I understand. But statistics work on large numbers. I have received five 5* in 91 pulls. So between the two of us, that’s five 5* in 141 pulls, so 3.5%.

94 Pulls here, and I feel incredibly lucky to have at least gotten Khiona, because I didn’t get anything else to show for it. 94 Pulls, internalize that.

First season i spent $300 on atlantis pulls. With current gems i already had i did 150 pulls. I got a lianna, and a vivica and that was it.

This go round i spent $300 or 90 pulls and got 3 khionas, aries, lianna, khagan, mok-arr, tarlack, and one other 5*. So i do feel its extremely random. I also had a single pull result in 2 khionas