5* heroes at 3.70

I have a few 5* whom I cannot ascend all the way. However, they draw most of their usefulness from their specials rather than their stats. I know it’s generally believed that a maxed 4* is better than a 3.70 5*, and I am currently working on my 4* heroes, but I’m curious what you think of my 5*, whether or not they are worth bringing to 3.70 even if it’ll be a long time before I can fully ascend them: Tyr, Telluria, Isarnia, Malosi.

It’s a little late for Tyr and Telluria, I ascended them to 3rd tier back when I didn’t even have solid red/green 4* to work on, but still would like to know how they’d fit with 4* reds and greens. My reds are Kelile and Scarlett (I have BT fully ascended), and my greens are Caedmon and Brynhild (Caedmon is next in line).

As for Isarnia and Malosi, they’ll be competing with Kiril, Costumed Sonya, and Wu Kong. I know these are some top tier 4*, but how would 3.70 Isarnia and Malosi look next to them. I don’t really know where to find the stats for 3.70 heroes, and have no idea how good they are at that level.

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