5* hero with healing abilities

Is there any other 5* heroes with healing abilities besides Vivica? If not, SG please consider. Like a 5* Kiril, BT or Melendor.

There are many. However they are all HOTM. One is available in the Atlantis summons portal right now!

TARLAK from S2… others are all HOTM ARES. .Albi …Dalilah …Aeron…

I listed them in a previous thread that had asked this question before, but I’m too lazy to go try and find it so I’ll do my best to remember.

Immediate Healers: Vivica, Delilah, Rumpel (sort of)

HOT on All: Aeron, Alberich, Tarlak

HOT on Three: Ares, Guinevere

HOT on Self: Guardian Owl

Healing Through Damage Dealt: Elkanen, Leonidas

Healing Through Normal Damage Dealt: Musashi, Aegir (on three)

Healing Minions: Red Hood

Healing Through Elemental Link: Khiona, Aegir, Zimkitha, (Evelyn)

Healing Self Through Stealing: Victor, Morgan Le Fay


And February’s HotM is a high-quality purple healer,


There are indications that Ariel will also be a 5 * healer.

If I’m not mistaken, Red Hood heals via minions and she is a 5*.

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Yes, we need other regular leggendary healers.
And snipers.
And AoE.

Small Giant, we need other regulars. Period.


Vivica is the only one you can get for free and not in a limited amount of time.

Some 5* healers were past HOTM’s you could of gotten lucky with a token to get for free, but thats it. We need an update on normal heros or atleast a new level of the training camp that lets you train for Atlantis Heroes once you defeat the dark lord.

Thank you very much.

You mean February 2019 HOTM?

Yes, the upcoming purple HotM. Aeron was the April 2018 high-quality healer. It’ll be interesting to see which of those two proves to be more popular.

No matter how amazing he is, if he remains slow there will still be people on this forum whining their brains out calling him non-viable trash :joy: :rofl:

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