5* Hero’s into Gods

For those at the top of their game there seems little to progress with. Would you consider it a good idea merging say 2 or 3 fully ascend 5* hero’s (of the same element) into a God character? Maybe 4*’s into a demigod?

Sounds really expensive. Interesting idea, but I don’t think it would ever work in practice. Really, who has enough maxed 5*s to combine them?

Maybe if it was you can choose one hero of each color to get an extra boost… but that is kinda similar to what emblems do. Just class, not color.


Interesting, how is this different from 6* heroes?

(First 6* Hero)

(Theory crafting: will we ever see 6* heroes?)

(We Need 6* Heroes)

Agreed. I just thought it would be a neat way of introducing some new characters.

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That would be cool if each of the two max hero had ability slots and you could choose between them.

So Rigard trainer could give heal or cleanse and Tiburtus trainer could give splash damage or defense debuff. So resulting hero could have heal or splash damage and cleanse or defense debuff.


I think raising the bar for heroes power too much will make it that harder for new players.

I’ve seen it on other games, and it never ends well.

It’s better to find ways to utilize more heroes in the game, rather than making them god’s.

Sounds like you just summoned Exodia

tenor HeartyEveryHorsechestnutleafminer-max-1mb


I’d like to merge my 3 Buddies into a 3 headed …

… Santas little Hydra. :wink:

Merging 3 rares into an epic or 3 epics into a legend would be doable options imo.

Merging 3 legends into whatever would possibly break the game.


According to SG, this is going to be possible.


It’s just going to take a long time…

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Thats a great idea and would actually be very useful.

+20 5* heroes are 6* heroes basically

Combining heroes would have to make them literally OP to be worth it if you’re talking about combining maxed heroes that have taken countless hours, summons, grinding, etc to get & max

If the developers have in mind 6* heroes, it won’t be necessary. But if they don’t, I think it’s good idea.

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