5* Healers PLEASE! Only Vivica is not enough! We need more in the other colours too


First of all i am sorry for my bad english, hope you understand what i mean in the followinging sentences.

5* healer we have only Vivica in the game. i have 5 legendary Heroes but need a healer. to get Vivica is hard. please make more Healer, maybe one of each colour.

My idea of the new heroes is, that
we need healers in red, green, blue and purple.

The heroes and their skills could be like:

red 5* Hero Skill: Heal all heroes 32% and give 48% attack and 48% defense for 4 rounds

blue 5* Hero Skill: Heal all heroes 32% and all heroes split the damage for 4 rounds (like Gunnar or Kailani do)

green 5* Hero Skill: Heal all heroes 37% and give 48% defense for 4 rounds

purple 5* Hero Skill: Heal all heroes 42% and take the Bonus away from enemies (like Sonja or Caedmon do)

If they make a Healer for red, green, blue and purple than we need a yellow 5* hero too, because than will all colors have 5 five star heroes.

Yellow 5* Hero Skill: Hit all enemies 200% and make them silence for 2 rounds (like cabin boy peters, thank you Azure)


Yeah, more 5* Healers would be nice. Hard to get Vivica and i only need her for my set.


Alberich and Ares are healers of other colors


Yes but also hotms and not available


And what did you think should the skills looking like. Are examples ok, or have you other ideas? Like to hear your ideas.

Thank you in Advance.


I like your idea for 5* healers. I would like to see the healing above 40%, and perhaps add “silence” for three turns (like Cabin Boy Peters) perhaps for the Blue. perhaps convert Horgall to a healer and make his current “Anger of the Forrest” into a 20% mana drain.
I think revamping the less popular 5*'s into strong healers would make sense.
What do you think?


Sounds familiar…oh wait…give Boldtusk a fifth star and you’re good. The name could be “Boldertusk”.

I’m just wondering, for what you need 4 more healer? To finish the map? Titanfights?
And if they are available, you think they are easier to get? Would be the same thing with Vivica.


@BenSon: Boldtusk heals 27% and gives 48% attack. The new 5* star will heal 5% more and will gave 48% defense to.

Why 5* Healers? because the complete hero team is from 5+ heroes but no healer. To have a healer in my team i must take 4* hero. The srength of the goes down. Sorry for my bad englsih. Hope you understand what i mean.


@Azure: Your idea for a hero which will have the ability “silence for 3 turns” is great, but swamping the ingame heroes to healers is not. Because many players have them in their teams, than will be shocked when the team has 3 healers :slight_smile: hope you understand what i mean.

But another idea:

When they make a 5* healer for red, blue, green and purple

the color yellow needs a 5* hero too.

Yellow 5* Hero could be looking like this: Hit all enemies with 200% and make them “silence” for 2 rounds.


Vivica, is a yellow five star hero. Why do we need two?


Now all the colors have same numbers of heroes, so if they have to add new heroes, i guess they have to start from 3 and 4*, otherwise we have more 5* then 3* (especially if we consider HotM)

I like the idea to have other normal 5* healers, but the game has to be balanced.


@Azure not two yellow healers.

a yellow 5* hero must come for balance , when they decided to make 5* Helaers for green, red, blue and purple.

And my idea was that they coould do a yellow 5* which makes 200% damage to all enemies and make them silence for 2 rounds. So no healer for yellow :wink:


I understand. I have Horgall, Azlar, and Thorn just sitting around because my Sonya and Cademon are more useful. I would be very happy to have a strong healer, or perfect repose, instead of any of them.
Any other opinions?



Didn’t want to reopen a new topic, but also didn’t wanted to post to an old thread. So o decided to keep it clean and answer here anyways.

We really need 5 star healer. With at least medium mana production time. And it think it woul work with green or blue. Red is more attack boost and damage, purple is more debuff and damage. Maybe reduce the percentage to make it medium mana production time. Fast would be a bit overpowered even with low percentage

Please, look at all the 5* Heroes, they are all Healer over time or haven’t the ability at all. I am so happy over Aaron with Healing over time, but thats not enough. Still carrying kiril with me


Green is the healing color. I liked the idea of a 5* Green that healed self and nearby for 30% with fast mana. He/she would grant extra defense against blue. She/he would have below average attack and above average defense and health.


We Need a blue Melendor as 5* healer because Sonja is to weak against red Tiger and his Counter attack.