5* from Token?


Anybody ever gotten a 5* from using a token? (HotM included). I can dream, right?! lol



Oh, 20 characters…


Seems on the order of 2/30 people out of my alliance get a HOTM on their saved hero tokens, and I see it fairly consistently in Line chats even from people I know pretty well so it’s not that rare.


Yes, my only summoned 5* is Perseus, got him as a bonus from a token


Seems it’s all balanced, even that.

I had 2 consecutive 5* from tokens some times ago, but now i get nothing from something like 30 or so (no regular 5*, no HotM).

You can dream :wink:


Yes, Ares and Perseus on tokens. Free ones at that…


I got Zeline with the epic token I won in the event. Last year my son drew Lianna and Musashi from a single token.


Another yes here. Obakan from a random one off Epic Token. I’ve done 8 different 10-Pull elemental summons and got 3 others that way (2 in one on blue).


Sometimes i dream something like this.
All my erotic dreams are replaced by fantastic heroes pull.

I’m a little worried about that.


I pulled Lianna from a summons token when I first started.


Pulled Magni (my only 5* thus far) from an epic hero token. :wink:


I got Richard only one month into the game from an epic token. Took 7 months to finally get all the requisite telescopes for final ascension.


This was yesterday, just one token from my Titan


I’ve received two HoTM from saved tokens. I cannot recall which ones. It was two of the these three: Perseus, Natalya, Zeline. I know I got Zeline with a token for sure.


Yes you can. That’s how I obtained my Hel and Alberich


I got Elena from my first one, and Perseus from one I saved from the previous month. Still haven’t bothered ascending Elena past 2nd tier, but am working on Perseus slowly.


Well - you could combine those dreams… :wink: