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I’ve being playing this game for 8 months and I finally got very lucky with this week’s hero pull.
I got 5* Khagan in TC20 and used gems to ten-times-summon elemental fire. I was aiming for HOTM Natalya, but instead I got two more 5* Heroes: 5* Azlar and 5* Elena.

My current team is Hel / Athena / Chao / Caedmon / Scarlett.
I like this lineup because of fast mana hitter with cc 5* support (Hel freezes opponent mana and Athena debuff def).

I noticed that all my 5* pulls are SLOW mana speed: Azlar, Khagan, Elena.

I will start leveling up, but I need to figure out two things.

  1. Which one to level up? Based on um current lineup, which hero would have more synergy. I’m more focused on Titan hits and Challenge Events (PVE: I completed season 1 already. PVP: not very interested in raids and cups.).
  2. Will I suffer from the change of Speed. Substituting one Fast mana hitter for a Slow mana?

What do you all think?
Thank you in advance for your help.

My 2 cents:

  • i really dislike Khagan as it is, don’t shine anywhere. Some use him to improve mana gen. of Alberich, but i don’t see him make the difference.

  • Elena for me shine the most on titans. Best (?) attack of the game and riposte, just perfect.
    Bad for PvP, but you don’t care.

  • Azlar is probably the most loved (after Ares) by everyone. You can use him pretty well everywhere and his DoT really comes in handy.

Probably Azlar is more a safe bet, but i don’t dislike Elena at all.


Can you take any of them to level 80?

(presuming you know the basics on titans re: two strong colors and no weak colors vs titan in general) If your focus is titans (events are once a month) I would stick with Scarlett if you are thinking to swap her out for someone else red. She does high tile damage and the fast mana speed attack down helps immensely on higher level titans.

If you can take someone to 80, I’d go with Elena - high tile damage and riposte will reflect some solid damage on titans and for the event.

The other option would be to swap our Caed or Chao for a new 5* and go double red all the time, though this would be more focused on titans vs. challenge events…Caed’s dispel may prove highly useful.

Good problems to have though :slight_smile:

Thanks Elpis! Azlar DoT is very useful indeed.
So, now my main concern would be Slow mana speed impact in total damage.

Yes, I believe I can take one of them to level 80 (Got 8 Mystics Rings and 13 Hidden Blade I have been saving for a long time)

Thank you for your advices.
I really like Scarlett too (was my first 4*), but my impression is that any fully ascended 5* would be better than any 4*. Elena’s riposte could deal tons of damage. I never used Slow speed heroes, so I’m not sure how this will affect. Scarlett is fast, I can use her Special multiple times.

Regarding the option to swap Chao for a double red, I am not comfortable with not having a rainbow team.
Do you usually use double strong color? I just use during challenge to avoid the counter.

So yeah, you can take one to 80 so I stand by Elena.

I only use a rainbow team for low level farming. On titans (always), events (almost always - I used Wu King on the last one even though reflect was yellow, but that is not likely to repeat), and anything else I use typically two of one of the same color, almost always the ‘strong’ color at the expense of the ‘weak’ color. When I farm like 20-4 I’ll leave green at home and bring two blue since EVERY enemy is red. On raids I may use multiple sniper types (sonya and perseus) to take out the pain points, sometimes they are the same color.

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There’s no reason not to double up colors on raid defense, either. It can help, in fact. Consider having Scarlett and Elena on defense. I’d be very concerned bringing Alberich there, as your team will be so powerful against him, but I don’t have two really strong blue heroes. I’ve seen this taken to extremes, bumping up against an all-red team once. I passed.

The big concern about doubling colors is that you get a board that is deficient in that color. That concern doesn’t hold on raid defense: the defense team gets mana (a) when hit by tiles and (b) over time. So, you should always use the strongest raid team you can muster, mostly ignoring color.

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