5* exact data of pull

1.5% for 5* heros from non elemental summon. Less than expected but thank you SG for clarifing!
Edit: Elemental Summon Screenshot added.

I can’t see that, is it beta?

That’s from the new update. They rolled it out but your country might be late.

Some on Android have already been able to update to version 15.

Version 15 Releases Notes:

Interesting - elemental pulls are 2.5%.

Would be nice if they add also the odds to the shop offers, especially for ascension materials.

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They did include a breakdown for shop items!

Ah, didn’t see it. Thx!

I posted some calculations of odds based on these new data over here:

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I was able to update IOS

I look forward to seeing the odds for event and Atlantis summons!

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