5* event summons do we have to pay thousands of dollar?

Well i play this game for a time but i’m sick and tired of getting no decent 5* heroes. do we have to pay 10s of thousands monthly ? I am from another continent it is way much high price for my country. I like this game but think about quitting today many times. you should raise the chance a bit anyways if you can get hero you always have to ascend it at least give us some happiness please.

U bring up a valid point. Save up all free gems until u have 3000. Maybe u will get lucky and get a hero most of us will never own. Game is pay to win.

I have always wondered what people mean by “win”?

There is really no winning in this game.


These tend to pop up around challenge events. Maybe because they feel they can’t compete there?

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Yeah I know.

I gave up on competing in the events. I just want the mats!

I stopped competing in the events because it is no fun anymore. The amount of WE, flasks, refills and time it consumes is getting out of hand. It used to be like: yeah I have a good team and I try a few times for a good board and you would end up somewhere in the top. But now you need to play too many hours and too many refills and retries, I just don’t see the fun.
Maybe nicer would be who can kill the strongest enemy, while the enemy would get increasingly difficult.

So now I just complete the levels and grab the emblems from the completion reward.

I enjoy the events as it’s really the only true challenge around other than the new torni now which is proving to be interesting and raids but other than that the rest is to easy as you just play, grab your stuff and move on. Although as I have completed all stages now for the last 3 months or so I am starting to find they are getting also pretty simple to complete as I completed this current one with in the first 24hrs with needing to replay or use battle items.

It’s actually come to the point where I have up a single team which has not changed fir a couple of months now and that covers 95% of all events which means the actual challenge side of it gone really and used a single team for each stage that covered all the levels.

Well, spent 10k gems for Margaret & didn’t get her. Didn’t get anything.

Meanwhile, half my guild got her. This morning again, a guy did a x 10 pull & got 2 Margaret…

That’s just… life…Fack it but that’s life.

Yeah i don’t get the “pay to win” everyone goes on about. Win what? The chance to be top of the leaderboard for a few minutes? Yay. In this game there is no “win”.

You don’t need the shiny new heroes to beat the seasons so why worry about it? If they come, they come. If not, there’s always TC20.


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