5* Dispellers

I tried doing a search but can’t find any recent info on the topic.
Are there any 5* dispellers? I’d like to try pulling for one if I knew which portal to try in.
Been racking my brain and looking at different heroes as I can. About the closest I can find is Frida who I have and she has been great as a dispeller. But she is only target and nearby. I’d love a dispell all if possible.

Thanks in advance!

I know what you mean. I’d love one too! cMelendor still comes out frequently for me. Seshat does 3, but not all 5.

Didn’t know about Seshat. Wife has her and loves her.

The Hatter I suppose does something kinda the same?

•) Heroes who dispell just one enemy:

  • Kageburado
  • Phileas Fogg
  • Lepiota (?)
  • Onyx (1st charge)

•) Heroes who dispell three enemies:

  • Seshat
  • Domitia
  • Evelyn
  • G. Panther
  • Onyx (2nd charge)
  • Frida

•) Heroes who dispell everybody:

  • Zeline
  • C. Vivica
  • The hatter
  • Snow white
  • G. Gazelle ==> G. Chameleon
  • Onyx (3rd charge)

EDIT: I added the heroes mentioned in another answers which were missing.


Guardian Panther also dispels target and nearby at Fast mana speed.


Perfect. Thank you for the list!

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He deals damage first and then steals, so it’s dangerous if you want to steal a counterattack in double formations.

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She don’t dispell she remove everything from your guys like cleanse but stronger and protect.

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Ups! You’re right. :+1:t4:

This is good info. Much better than I had before. Thanks everyone.

Add frida and Evelyn to the list

Snow White more or less does, too

Already there, my bad, sorry

I think this is supposed to be Guardian Chameleon (who also removes undispellable buffs and status ailments)


There’s also another target & nearby dispeller at average speed coming in July:


This is my favorite raiding team. 4 heroes who can dispel and charge at different mana rates.

Very devastating vs yurple teams…


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