5* Defense Team Help - I finally have options

I finally have some options in 5*s of each color and need some raid defense team assistance. Here is a list of who I have ascended in each color along with who I’m still work on in parentheses.

Purple: Sartana, Khiona, Obakan, (Panther) - Have 3 Tabbards
Yellow: Delilah, Drake, (Leo) - Have 7 Darts
Red: Natalya, (Zimkitha, Kong) - Have 13 Rings and Zim gets a set for sure
Blue: Magni, Isarnia, (Aegir) - Have 5 Telescopes
Green: Horghall, Tarlak, (Alberich, Gregorian, Elkanen) - Have 2 Tonics

For a long time I ran with Melendor/Magni/Delilah/Sartana/Natalya. I’m not sure which 5s I should get in there or if I should stick with rainbow. I just replaced Melendor with Tarlak, but that’s not ideal. I’ve also used Horg in there and it’s been okay. I’m thinking my long term goal should be Magni/Zimkitha/Delilah/Khiona/Alby


EDIT - It may be a while before I can get 4 more tonics, so any suggestions for a team until Alby is acended would also be helpful. Thanks.

Zimkitha would ruin your Kiona’s ATK uptime and Id go with Zimkitha as she is your best red:


I’ve been thinking Tarlak/Isarnia/Delilah/Zimkita/Sartana in that order until Alby gets his potions. Is there a better choice than Tarlak there?

It would be your 2nd best green choice :slight_smile:

I would give you a different opinion:

Sartana - Magni - Horghall - Drake - Zim

I never had trouble with Tarlak and he is only good with Titans IMO (defense too low for my liking and no direct damage) - usually dead before launching skill
Horg is a pain in the a** if you dont kill him fast enough.
I rarely find trouble with Delilah in the middle unless you get a very bad board. I have more trouble with Drake in the middle.
Albi would definitely get a spot once he is up.

Zim is fast so you dont need her in the flank. She may launch her special too fast. Her best ability is the cleanse which should be launched mid raid usually after enemy’s debuff/DoT.

Well that is my opinion since I like em fast and hard. :slight_smile:

@AirHawk - Thanks! I’ll give that a try as well and see what happens.

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