5* Blue help

I have Ariel Alasie and Frida maxed.

Who should get the scopes?
Arthur, Alasie (dupe), Misandra or Miki

FYI I’ve been getting 40k average vs titans using 2/35 Miki, sometimes he dies but he’s doing better than my maxed Tarlak, ranvir 3/70 and Wu so thinking he’s not part of the scopes question.

Frida is maxed so thinking it’s between Mis and dupe Alasie.

Having already Tarlak and Frida, I would go with Misandra.

Misandra and more Misandra

Thanks, I’m leaning towards mis, just that alasie is so good.

My restriction are the tomes, only have 3 so really being careful as I haven’t had a 4* mat drop in a while other than from the events and rare quests.

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