5* Azlar or 4* Colen which is better

Hi all

I have just pulled 5* Azlar. On comparison his special is less than Colen.

Am I reading this right???

@RandaPandah your advice again would help.


Of course it is if you just pulled him.

Level him up and you will find his special and stats are much better than Colens


Thanks @KLinMayhem I see his final stats are up

Seems a pity it wasn’t reversed though, the damage - Colen 180% & 270% over 6 turns to Azlar 175% & 150% over 6 turns

Azlars final level hits for 205%

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Ok thanks - so he does make an excellent Tank and hits hard - I just need to level him up

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Excellent tank? Nope.

His defense sucks.

Agreed, the only situation where he makes a good tank is when maxxed for a lower level team, below Platinum range. Otherwise he can go down too easy before firing.

Ok sorry - I watched a couple of youtube things that said he was - guess they are way old

He is my only red 5* - but I have Boldtusk nearly fully maxed so I was wondering what to start on with my reds next. Guess he’s really not that flash

Whats your cup range?

He’s a good tank for sub 2400 cups

1200-1400 cup range

Have just started running 2 healers, understanding buff up and down - I see him as a good hero paired with Wu Kong

@Sarge66, do you have the rings to bring him to the 4th tier of leveling? Do you have Colen maxed already?

If I was in your shoes, I’d probably only bring Azlar to 2/60 and hope for a better red 5* down the road to spend the mystic rings and hidden blades on. He’s very solid, but if you already have Colen, it’s only a minor upgrade. If it ends up that you don’t pull another 5* red for a while, then I’d probably start bringing him up. Just my 2¢ though.

Edit: Also, Boldtusk is a great tank at that trophy level.


I think Azlar is a fine tank at 3 70 in the lower tiers personally as long as his skill is level 8. I used to roll right past him and Colen.

Got 6 mystic rings, a tome of tactics and a Damascus blade?

@elusive & @KLinMayhem - I have only been playing for 6 weeks.

I’ve just done my first Atlantis and have done a lot of study on E&P as I like strategy. I kicked in a couple of $$ - not a lot but have a good stable for my time in the game.
My stable of heroes is attached (makes it easier for you to see where I’m at)

@RandaPandah gave me some really good advice initially and was invaluable and based on that and watching Anchor and Advicious videos I am learning solid knowledge.

Wilbur, or Boldtusk, are better focuses for you on red ideally. Id finish leveling whichever one of those two you prefer over Azlar for now.

I have 3 mystic rings, a tome of tactics and no Damascus blade

How many Hidden Blades?

Boldtusk is on as a concentrate leveler definitely

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4 hidden blades

■■■■ warm capes and Orbs are slowing me down too lol - insert sigh here as I am not naturally a patient person haha

Then I pulled 3 x Wilbur at Atlantis… Which I also believe is a great hero

Which is why I’m asking advice

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