5* Ascension query

Should I ascend to the final level the following heroes or wait for better?
Guardian Kong

In defense I have Lianna, JF, Tell, Vela and Kaye.

I raid with mono green, these would really be improving my war teams, just not sure whether to wait for better ?

Thanks for your opinions in advance

How much do you spend?

As a non-spender, I levelled all my ‘unpopular’ 5*s and learned to love them.

If your dropping a lot of money on the game, you’ll probably get better.

Who are your other blue, yellow and reds?

Do you have emblems for any of them?

Thorne and Leo are both fine, if you need a blue or yellow.

I haven’t used G.Kong.

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Guardian Kong got a buff earlier this year, I quite liked him when I tested him in Beta. Hits all enemies for high damage and supports his team by dispelling ailments. However, he is quite frail and struggles at taking hits, but if you can work past that he’s a good hero to have for offense. My vote would go to ascending Kong first personally.

I like Leonidas on a yellow stack with Guinevere, Neith and costumed Li Xiu personally. I don’t use that team much outside of wars though.

Thorne I use much more frequently myself for offense, his hit is pretty strong and he has good stats to stay alive. Sometimes I’ll bring him over Magni since he can take more abuse and fire more reliably despite being slower. He is one of the most underrated S1 heroes IMO. I have no regrets ascending mine.

I have both G. Kong and Leonidas maxed (don’t have Thorne), and really like them both. I don’t regret maxing either of them, and I’m currently waiting for rings and darts to ascend a couple new heroes.

Kong does a lot of damage at average speed plus you get the defense against blue and dispel. He’s also nice because he’s a red that doesn’t do fire damage so I don’t end up with red stacks where everyone’s fire damage is overwriting each other. I use him a lot. He does die easily because of his low defense, but he’s not a total glass cannon because he does have high HP.

Leonida’s 40% mana cut is great and I’ll sometimes take him over Malosi for the actual mana cut as opposed to Malosi just blocking the casting of status effects. The two of them are great to use together. I just think Leonidas is really useful hero, not the star of the show, just all round useful.

I would definitely ascend them, but Jonah’s advice about how much you spend is good. Are you likely to get someone “better” soon or will you be waiting around for months. I’d rather have maxed 5 stars now than some possibly better ones that might show up someday.

Wait, or take to 3/70 and test to see if they work for your teams.

Guardian Kong is a nice piece to have after he was buffed.
I use mine as part of my top red 3 war stack for wars and raids.

Kong is perfect with Boldtusk, Wilbur, and Falcon as all of them fire at same time as all of them are average mana-generating heroes. If all of them are nicely emblemed, they are sufficient enough for attacking and defeating GTV defense core in wars, and for mono, you may even include in that list of heroes Sumle for some added bloodbath. This should be a quick victory once all of them are able to cast their skills.