5* ascension materials are a joke

I’m getting sick of this game, and I’m not the only one. There are a lot of players that have spent money on gems to gamble on getting the HOTM, or any other 5*. Then that hero gets stuck in limbo because nothing is dropping the correct amount of upgrade materials for 5 star heroes.

Titan and war chests are the biggest of the jokes. You’re whole clan has to participate in them and when you finally get to open the chest, it gives you garbage. That’s a slap in the face!!!

I don’t want to hear about RNG. I’ve played some of the heaviest RNG games out there and have always done better than this. The bottom line is that the percentage for 5 star heroes upgrading material is programmed in TOO LOW. It needs to be fixed.

Who else has 5s that they can’t upgrade because of this insulting BS? Why are we spending our time and money on this game when we could go to any other game that doesn’t treat us like fools?

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