5* Ascension items

Where is the best place to find the top ascension items?
e.g. rings, telescopes etc. Having loads of trouble gettin these.

Pray, pay, pray more, pay more. That’s he only thing you can do, and of course open as many chests possible, don’t miss a mystic vision, kill all titans and participate all wars

Odd. Even searching , I find no list. Maybe my search-fu has failed me. Or maybe we just need to start compiling a list. Here’s a start – unless otherwise noted, these are chances, not guarantees:

  1. The P2W option: Occasional for-money offer. (Usually(?) guaranteed.)
  2. Rare quests. (Guaranteed.)
  3. Titan loot. The higher tier, the better chances.
  4. Elemental chests (occasional mutant wanted missions).
  5. Other chests: Monster, raid, titan, war.
  6. Challenge events, for completing (guaranteed), and a whole lot better for the best placed (ditto).
  7. Mystic vision.
  8. For-gems offer. Ascension Packs, I believe.

But above all, perseverance.


One word.

Note in @Sidhekin’s excellent list that one place does not show up: farming. You cannot get the 4* ascension mats like telescopes as loot drops in the map.

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