5* ascension - Isarnia + Musashi question

Hey guys and ladies!
2 questions for you tonight. Was C2P for my first 9 months of playing and now F2P.
Mainly aimed for titans, war and top500 in events, as i always raid with the same 3-2 team.
Question #1
Got 6 scopes.So, who gets my new set?
Alice #2 (3/44 and climbing currently)
Miki (3/70 and surviving well enough against 9* titan and paired with Wilbur)
Isarnia (newcomer)
I have Alice #1 maxed, Grimm #1 at +18 and #2 maxed, Sonya +18, Kiril maxed, Valeria maxed.
Is isarnia speed that much a factor? Would she be a good upgrade to Grimm2? Or is Alice2 a better choice?
Miki is doing fine at 3/70 right now, so he ain’t really considered…

Question 2:
Got 7 darts. Should Musashi get them?

Already have Vivica +5, Jackal +7, Hu +12, Wu, +4, Li maxed, Danza 4/xx getting to max and Chao 3/60.
Titan teams is depending on my mood :rofl:
Miki - Wilbur - Jackal - Hu - Wu
Wu - Wilbur - Jackal - Hu - Vivica
Is he a worthy candidate for darts? He won’t be on my defense team (maybe for Field Aid War though). And don’t really know him/fought him much

Question #3 (i kinda lied saying i had only 2 :man_shrugging:)
8 rings right now. Pull the trigger or not?

  • Elena 3/70
  • Khagan 2/60

Got maxed Anzogh +4, BT +18, Wilbur +18, Kelile, Scarlet 1-2

  • Sumi, Wilbur2 and Gormek at 3/60

Not thrilled by either of them… Should i change my mind?
Gotta do a 10-pull in the next Guardian for Falcon. Panther would be tremendous but i try to keep my expectations low :rofl:

Other 5* maxed are Lianna, Kadilen and Thoth, if that changes anything.
Class quest and events aren’t a problem.
For war, i mainly use mono-team… Faster results :rofl:

Thanks for your answers

Elena is worth the rings imo and every time I’m able to ascend any, I’m going to do it.

There’s no need to stock mats, even if there will be a far better hero maybe next day, since it’s maybe only.

Musashi is fast, hits 3 and heals himself. Average but okay hero.

If you’ll ever get Isarnias ice dress, you’ll love her. Variety rules, so go Isa 1st and then 2nd Alice.

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Question 1: Isarania or Alice?
My vote is for Alice.
You’re right that Grimm at +18 does effectively the same thing as Issy with the bonus of being Average vs. Slow. Plus Alice is (IMO) the best of the Blue Snipers in game so having a second sniper at fast (with attack debuff) is more powerful than having a second Defence Debuffer at Slow.

Question 2: Musashi getting darts?
I think Musashi is a pretty decent yellow sniper with splash damage. His secondary part to his skill is pretty meh as it really only is powerful in a yellow stack.
As F2P now and not having any other options in the yellow department my advice is pretty much ALWAYS level what you have & what you use…
There’s not much point waiting for the better hero which is not guaranteed to come… especially as a F2P.

Question 3: Rings - Elena or Khagan
My vote is Yes pull the trigger on Elena.
Reason being is that in raids, Elena does MASSIVE damage when paired with Wilbur. Think Anzogh but with more damage.
Bonus against titans she has the highest attack stat of any of those you’ve listed as posessing. This corresponds to a dramatic jump in your tile damage.
Added bonus is that she will passively gain more titan damage with her riposte

I am a P2P player & I have elena maxed. Never looked back as she’s epic in my Mono Red Raid team & is a staple against green titans, even up to 13* ones I’ve faced.


As a additional thing on the Elena question, neither of your options are likely to end up on your defence team (realistically). so you’re mainly looking at attacking power. This picture below shows the Red Heroes ordered by base attack stat.

You can see that Elena rules the roost. If you’re lucky to get her costume you’re in for an even better time! For comparison, Anzogh is a long way down comparatively


Elena is a must anyway for being the games figurehead.

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Hahah, that must be considered :rofl:

Thanks for the answers

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Just published the sheet I used to show the Hero Stat comparison :slight_smile:


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