5 active players (3500+ TP) looking for a merge


5 dedicated players looking for the right alliance. Cup wise we rotate between platinum & diamond with solid/growing war benches. All active daily.
From you- A fun 18 + group dedicated to growth, depth of knowledge for game mechanics, and organized war strategy.

Reach out if we might ne a match- can chat on Line. @echointhedeep


Check the Zero alliance family! 7 alliances playing on different levels and playstyles, friendly and supportive atmosphere, common line group across all alliances for sharing advices and fun!

ZERO the fallen horde would have space for all of you! Chatty group, 18+.

Line: southernchefbelle (alliance lead) or silver_dragon-r (mine)


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@echointhedeep we can take you in Magnificent Bastards. Hit me up on Discord if you have questions. NPNKY#3674


Try us out at cream of the crop. A solid, friendly alliance with a mix of experienced players. Give us a try you really will not be disappointed

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Didnt catch your line id

Mine is jrigs


If you guys are semi-serious and looking to compete in war and take on 9/10 star titans, but still be chill and with a team that understands life happens so we allow opting out of war when needed - plus we’re adult focused (we have a NSFW board in our discord) you could check out the Logging Jacks - we will have just enough space to take you all.


Having trouble finding that alliance name. Are you on Line?

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Come join “The Titan Lord’s Wrath”! 300+ days old, 75k alliance score, 175k war score, 6 & 7* titans. You are exactly what we need to get back to hunting 8* titans and we are exactly what you’re looking for. Co-leader position for your group’s leader as soon as you join. We’re currently at 28/30, but I’ll clear three spots any time for players of your level.


Hi there,
Magical Exiles would love to have you. We are an active bunch, 22 strong 19 that are 2000+ trophies.
We play with 8star titan and have flirted with 9s.
Titan score is 50k and War score is 274k.

Feel free to drop by.


Ugh - I forgot we changed our name back last week…


Check us out, we are definitely adults only (changed our language to allow us to swear) we like to have fun and facing 8* titans and winning wars. Check out Ctrl-Alt-Destroy or you can message me on Line shortstop505.


Xtreme Vengeance or Xtreme Knights would be a great landing spot @echointhedeep ! Reach out to us on discord: https://discord.gg/HjJhSae


Crimson Avengers would love to have you team up with us. Top players have great game knowledge


Tried to contact you via line and says user not found. if you are still searching for a home please contact me at wolfwarrior66. Hope to hear from you.


I would consider kicking a couple to make room for 5 :joy: Dirty Pirate Hookers is fighting 8-10s, war chest is close to full, active, chatty and warped bunch…


Thank you everyone for reaching out. Appreciate all the great options. We’ve found a new home alliance.