5/8/2019 Server Issues, Including Lost War Flags, Titan Hits and World Energy [Master]--Developer Response Post #95

Due to a technical issue, we have not been able to compensate players affected by this server incident yet. We are hoping to send the compensations directly to all players affected early next week. Thank you for your patience!


Hi @Petri, does it mean that our alliance will get the 5 points to the wars chest?

Unfortunately we are currently unable to gift war energies or points towards the chests. We will be sending either World, Raid or Titan Energy flasks depending on the affected battle.


Update: sadly, as this incident was brief and didn’t affect all the players, we were unable to trace the players affected. We have now sent a World Energy Flask to all players who contacted us through our support regarding this issue. If you were affected by this server incident (8th of May) and didn’t contact us, you may do so and we will be gift the flask.


This happened to all 3 of my accounts i was kicked out of server demonic entitie , demo and shadow ripper

Hi @Petri, we flask for a lost war?

Lost a War flag during a tight War. This could have meant the difference between loss/win scenario. Gutted and annoyed.

Hi 3 people in our alliance were effected by the shutdown. Do We contact u?

I think the servers can’t handle the load and requested that tournaments & war not run on the same days. Would love to hear how others with similar experiences feel.

I got dropped and lost a War flag, then tried to shake it off by playing Quests and got dropped again.

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