5* & 4* Hero Comparison List - Updated with Effective HP (experimental)

POINT OUT ANY OVERSIGHTS OF COURSE! I’ll fix. I’m a scatterbrain :scream_cat:

Hey, so I’ve made this chart few months ago, and now I’ve updated it.

I’ve also added a row for “Effective HP” which is, in theory, the actual survivability of the hero with HP and Defense combined according to a formula written by my friend, whom I definitely trust more than myself when it comes to math :grin: It’s based on in-game testing, but that’s obviously an iffy way to do such things, so it’s not an oracle-like thing, but it does feel consistent with my in-game experience.

The chart doesn’t include any sort of commentary or ratings, just raw numbers to compare how one hero may fare in attack/defense/whatever compared to another.

It could well be redundant with all the things others posted around here, but I like it made this way. Gives me a clearer outlook, and there’s no reason not to share :slight_smile:


Owl… The hardest one

Lol, Lepus is a beast.

Hello @Ellilea
thank you very much for sharing it’s super nice
Good game :+1:


Bookmarks for later use :wink:


Missing Arthur and Morgan. 1/10 for effort.

But what’s there is pretty helpful.

They’re both there though :scream_cat:

No wait, Arthur is, Morgan isn’t. That’s 50/50. I’ll add her :stuck_out_tongue:

Done. Morgan has been added. Thanks ^^ In my mind she became one with Locke lol.


@Ellilea, this is fantastic. Thank you for this, totally enjoyable to look through.


Glad some others also find it fun :grin: Sometimes I just like to look at numbers.

In a noob-way, not savant-way. Gods know I’m as far from a math savant as they come :sweat_smile:

I just saw the number on Justice. Wow, the perfect hero to partner w/perfect riposte.

Would have missed that for a while.


4*s transferred from the previous chart version and updated with Avalon heroes. I didn’t re-check any of these, so by all means, if some number is misstyped/miscalculated let me know!

Hello @Ellilea
Hello I do not find Morgane in the list.
could i have the link up to date.
thank you very much Ellilea

Hey I think it’s just one link. Morgan is at the bottom of “single target” table.

#32 in attack #13 in defense #28 in HP #18 in EHP

If you don’t see her there you may need to refresh the page or something :octopus:


thank you very much I just saw that the list is lengthened 42 heros :wink::kissing_heart:
Good job :clap::heart:

Ps: it does not work I do not find it anymore the 42nd hero in the list yet i updated grrr lol

I have no idea, it’s the first time I use Google Docs :scream_cat:
Looks fine on my end.

There are 44 5* heroes on the list.


it does not matter do not worry thank you anyway

Thanks @Ellilea

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it may be a computer error I only see 41 in the table

It loads an old version for you for some reason. Try pressing ctrl+r and F5. Should look like this:


I’m on mobile phone but it’s very nice of you I made a screenshot


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Updated with the new Event Heroes - their stats are subject to change! But you can see how they compare to others as they are right now.

As always, if you see some mistake, let me know and I’ll fix it :slight_smile:

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