5* 2.60 vs 4* 3.60. Which is better now?


I thought I read before but did it change? 5* 2.60 vs 4* 3.60. Which is better now?


It’s still the same as before. The hero’s usable strength and stats never changed. (even though the “power” number was changed)

4* 3^60 > 5* 2^60 in most situations


I seems to me.that it was a only number change in 15.1. But they actially reduce the power of the 5* heros. I didnt advance my all 5* team recently but after 15.2 I notice that it can no longer beat the 70 4* teams.


Yes you right bro. My team always loose in raid before update my team still can win but now very hard tu win


My 4* 3.60 heroes are:
Grimm (Blue) power 547
Kalile (Red) power 549

5* 2.60 heroes are:
Isarnia (Blue) power 566
Elena (Red) power 565

The 5* 2.60 has higher power. Does that mean I should go with higher power or are there other factors to determine which is better?


The rated power is a guideline, but doesn’t actually tell you which is the better hero.

Grimm and Isarnia are indeed similar. Grimm hits harder and is average mana; Isarnia has a bigger debuff but is slow mana. Personally I’d prefer Grimm, in part because you’ll be able to get him to max sooner. He’s really good at max.

Elena and Kelile are both fire heroes, but their similarity ends there. Kelile is a solid sniper; Elena is a more defensive build. Defensive heroes need to be maxed to be truly useful, so I’d go with Kelile.


Thank you so much! I’ve been going with Kalile and Grimm and seem to be pretty good.