4th training camp? I'm at SH 20

I was watching the video of the rapid HOTM ascension and realized they had a barracks camp and 4 training camps. I’m at level 20 and all my plots are full, yet I only have 3 and a barracks.

How do you get the 4th training camp?


Did you convert a camp to a barrack, maybe?

If I remember correctly your stronghold must be a lvl 20 to open up that last training camp spot.

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I recall converting a forge, I’ll double check

My stronghold is at lvl 20

Silly, I just verified, I converted a training camp very early on and not a forge (noob error)…

It requires a second builder to convert it back because I’m building TC 18 now…really?

I’ll convert a forge once the single build is complete.

Thanks all.


Conversion between buildings is free and instant, but you need a free builder to do it.