⚔ [4th Oct, 2020] - 76th Raid Tournament - 5* Rush Attack, No Holy/ Yellow

Hrg bud, do u find SW useful in regular game play? Wars mostly…
I just summoned her and I’m holding 3 blues now, 1 that could go to t4. Skadi @3.70, Perseus @3.70 and SW @1.01. I planned on going with perseus 1st over Skadi. Now with SW in the mixing bowl I’m wondering what others that have her would do.

Perseus is one of those heroes I don’t think is even worth pushing to 3.70… he’s a sniper that does very little damage and not much else.

Skadi looks like an absolute beast… Would’ve loved to have pulled her.

Snow White is great… She’s slow, but hits like a truck. She’s great in season 3 and events - good in raids if you can buy her time.

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Sry to be a little off topic guys.
So, I pulled the trigger on…
Wait 4 it…

I’m confident that this was a good decision.
I looked at everything again and and decided that in this case, a bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush.
Ill have time to get more scopes for Snow White when she’s eventually ready. Thanks for the advice @BubblesUK.


Worst case scenario, Skadi is an avarage dmg dealer to all, but quite easily she can become a game changer. Personally, I like that kind of heros - you need to think a bit more to get the best of them. So, good call - I’ll make the same choice if I ever get her. :joy:

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Went 2-1 today to finish 19-4 and still have an A defense. This is the first time I place in the top 1% without needing to buy back in

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Overall I had a lot of fun in this tournament.

My defence did ok: A, B, B, C, B

Offence I went 24-1 and am currently on the leaderboard (about #75).

Offence I used the same attack team for all 25 attacks and it did pretty well :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a vid of the last days attacks:

More: 🎭 Guvs YouTube Videos / Channel


Wow, the heros you have are REALLY unfair. I’m surprised you even lost ONE with that stable! Must have been an Afrike tank that beat you to the punch and hit every one of your heroes before you could fire.

I’m also shocked your defense couldn’t hold an A considering those heroes (I assume you tanked Afrike?). Mine was an A the whole week with MN, Elena, Telly, Domitia, Sartana. And I got attacked a decent number of times.

I went 18-7 offensively…most of the losses were to Afrike. Around rank 1000 to finish the week.

This is the one team I lost to:

Believe it or not the issue was not Alfrike but the others haha… Just had a poor set of tiles and poor decisions made.

My defence was Alfrike tank yes. Posted it wayyyy up in this thread.

Panther – Killhare – Alfrike – Jabberwock – Sartana Costume.

I’m not unsurprised it didn’t give an Automatic A… Alfrike is more than beatable. Heroes like Miki, BK, Grazul all negate most of her effect. And resurrectors completely wipe her effect (you resurrect without the reduced HP). Plus there are the counters like Tooty, Bursti and Kashhrek costume who are all also super strong at very fast.

She’s strong yes but not undefeatable.


Day 5
Alright so I knew my streak had to end somewhere, used up all my luck pulling back-to-back Hansels yesterday apparently :rofl: Still 4-1 today and 24-1 overall is waaaaaaaay beyond my wildest expectations and I have no complaints whatsoever. Defense is sitting at a C but it’s not much of a concern now.

Wanna guess which tank gave me my sole loss this tourney? Nope it’s not Alfrike, not even a dark tank.

It was the priestess of moonlight, cKadilen!

Gotta hand it to her, that dodge at v fast speed is plain ridiculous, once she goes off you’re basically stuck trying to do tile damage, which with what I have is just impossible. Still, managed to take Sartana and Domitia so not a total loss. Used my 3-2 blue-green team but board ran dry halfway through; tons of purple tiles showed up though, so maybe should’ve used my mono purple team? :man_shrugging:

Final result:


She is if she hits first and distributes her cubes perfectly. And wow, that was a stacked team. Lady of the Lake is almost as bad as Afrike in this one. She gets her minions up and you are handcuffed.


I am currently rank 18,159, but my defense is only a D Grade, so 300 points bonus (I have not even been attacked for over 1 day - 3-6 total).
Sadly, I won’t QUITE get in the top 1%, so this is annoying lol. I can’t imagine moving up 2,000 - 3,000 places just by getting 300 bonus.

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I’ll finish either at a low 1% or high 5%.

Offense: Usually 2xProteus, C Rigard, Hansel, and either C Kiril or C Richard

  • Day 1: 4-1
  • Day 2: 5-0
  • Day 3: 3-2
  • Day 4: 4-1 (bought back in)
  • Day 5: 4-1


Seshat -- Clarissa -- C Rigard -- Proteus -- C Richard

  • Day 1: 2-0 A
  • Day 2: 0-0 overall (2-0) A
  • Day 3: 0-5 overall (2-5) E
  • Day 4: 2-1 overall (4-6) C
  • Day 5: 0-0 overall (4-6) C

Update: did get 1%, rank 10,239
Tourney Loot



Kinda meh loot, was hoping for 100 emblems and maybe a reset emblem but could’ve been worse I suppose.


Top 5%

2x Valhalla Coins
2x Regular Summon Tokens
50x Rogue Emblems
1x Fine Gloves

So, not terrible, I am ok with those.


Yaaay, I didn’t end up with the worst possible loot in each draw! :joy:
Unfarmable mat after a long time and 50 emblems. Anyhow, I finished with 19-6 and defence was 4-4 (on last day 0-2), so grades were: AAAAB. Here’s the loot:


Skadi was definitely the one in opponents team responsible of two of my losses in the tourney … she seems better as I thought …

Only silver tokens and compass but 100 barabarian emblems allowed me to further emblem namahage #2 for next challenge event, which is good!


50 rogue emblems here.


Final, Top 1% on 5 days of A defense. No 100 emblems though, bummer.


Unfortunately I again missed the no.1 spot by one match (possibly no.2, i just assume the below opponent could have given me 700+ points).

Attack 24/25 (team: alby,mits,alfrike,hel,ariel)

Defense A from day one, 12-3 (team: alby,kunchen,alfrike+3,hel+20,ariel+18)

I agree with many above, even for me not Alfrike was the most difficult enemy, but Lady. This is the team I lost to:

Though I am a bit upset that I missed the perfect tournament the 3rd time now just by one match, this one was just a bit too difficult to beat. A bad start with the mana stealing minions up, then protected by freyas minions combined with maybe a few bad decisions of my own and I could not recover.

Anyway, at least I still have this goal to chase. Next time no.1 :slight_smile:

And huge congrats to Felin for the perfect tournament!


I got meh rewards too.


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