4Star Troops ... Which are better?

Hi just a question to the community.

I got some 4Star Troops from summon but in 2 colours i got both of the 4Stars. So now i dont know which of them to level up. The troops with plus life and crit or the troops with enhanced heal and faster mana. Could some experienced player give me some tips which to level and why. Thanks

Screenshots please? :wink:

Have you seen this?


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I think it depends on what hero you you’re pairing the troops with. For example, I got two 4* greens at the same time when I got my first 4* troops. One seemed better at defense, which would help a hero with weaker defense, and one had a bit of a mana speed increase. Since I was still using Skittleskull at the time, I used the troop that gave him/her faster mana, since his mana speed is slow. However, if I had had a green that had fast mana but was a bit of a glass cannon, I might have used the other troop that was better at defense.

Either way, keep both 4* troops, because eventually you’ll probably want to double up greens for certain Titan fights, or for when you need the benefits of your 2nd 4* troop!

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This topic got a good airing a bit ago here: 4* troops - mana or crit?

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Yes Rook i have seen this as you can read out of my text, but i wanted to know from the experienced players which of the troops are better in play.

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Merlin I think it the other way around. If I have a strong defensive hero I would choose troops to incrase the defence even further. Let’s say you have a hero who has 500 defence getting 20% defence with troops creates 600 defence for him. But if you have a 700 defence hero he has 840 in the end with the troops, so you boost his advantage in defence even further; +140 > +100.
Thats my point of view.
It differs if you search for “better” troop placements for PVP and PVE of course.

Personally I use the crit version. More starting health is an immediate benefit + improves healing spells that aren’t flat-rate. The extra crit deals much more damage, offsetting the difference in attack gain.

While more mana would be nice, the research in the previous thread shows that the practical impact is not noticeable until the troops are at crazy-high levels.


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