44th Raid Tournament. Bad luck or new algorithm?

Hi, It was quite a strange tournament for me. I just wonder if it was a bad luck of random or something was fixed in algorithm for getting opponents?

So, I made 25 attacks, encountered 125 heroes, among them:
15 Ursenas
14 Khuniman
8 Albas and Mothers in summ.
Seems to be quite unfair, hard to believe in such a bad luck)

Sorry, if I posted in a wrong category

Best to post in the main Tournament Thread for the 44th tournament.

To answer your question:
Yes… Bad luck & just realistic…

In a tournament where there can be no yellows it just makes sense to field Kunchen or Ursena at tank…

It makes even more sense as it’s a rush attack tournament…

Same for MoNo and Alby… Most people who have them field them in left wing… Regardless of if the tournament rule


That’s not really surprising, when you consider they’re some of the best hero choices for that Tournament.

Here are the Defense teams of the Top 10 finishers for the Tournament:

9 of those 10 teams have one or more of the heroes you listed.


I understand that I encount strong teams when I win a lot, but why so much such rare heroes? If you check best teams in raids, fir ex best 100, there won’t be so many such heroes of that kind. That’s why I’m asking. There are plenty of high ranked teams with strong team power without that heroes. Why I encountered so many?

Because that particular tournament did not allow yellow heroes. Therefore, most experienced players used purple tanks, since nobody would be able to stack strong color heroes against them. Kunchen and Ursena are the two best purple tanks in the game.


Yes, but but that’s not an answer to my question. Let,s try another way. We take 10 000 best players with strong teams with good team power. Do you really think that all of them have such rare heroes like Urseena or Kuni? Definately not. But my tournament statistics says that they are, some of them even both. That’s the point.

Take a look at the top 100 defenses and tell me how many do NOT have one of those two. Then get back to me.


I faced 18 of 25 teams with Ursena Tanks. One team had 2 of her.

She’s the only truly OP hero in the game atm, imo.

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Hard or expensive to get and rare are not at all the same thing.

It sounds like you had a good tournament and may have been fighting above your normal weight class. If you spent most of your time in mid to night platinum, this would not at all be surprising to you.


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