42 event summon

Is use event summon 42 times get no 5* do not get hero of the mounth and only one guardian monster ehm what? This is too much i understand that i dont ge anything in one summon maybe a can understand nothing in ten summons but 42? What do you except to spend 1000000 euro to get something? This was last time i spend money in this game

I blew 53 summons and only have gotten ONE event hero (G. Falcon) and no HotM either. It’s bull crap because at least with an elemental, which it replaces, I KNOW what color I’m getting.

We don’t know the chances of summoning a 5* hero from an Epic, Elemental or Event summons. We do know that they are lower than the chances of training a 5* hero at TC20, which we estimate to be about 5% based on more than 1000 trials.

Say the chance of summoning a 5* hero from an Event Summons is 2.5% (I think that’s a reasonable guess, though it might be too high). Your chance of summoning zero 5* heroes from 42 attempts is: 0.975^42 = 35%

In other words, we would expect that almost two thirds of players who summoned 42 times would pull at least one 5* hero. But we would expect that more than a thid of players who summoned 42 times would pull zero 5* heroes.

And we would expect all of them to come to the forum to complain about it.

(No idea what the HOTM or event hero odds are, or how they interact with other odds. We should collect some data on this.)

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I did one elemental summon when the event started (10 pulls for 2600 diamonds).
Result: Colen, Graymane, Karil, Belith, Boril, Azar, Guardian Falcon, Prisca, Valen, Renfeld, Delilah, Delilah, Delilah. Yes, three times. It is all about luck.


We’ve all been there…it sucks…

I’ve been waiting for this even for a while now. My main goal was to get me some Jackals, and I did. More than I wanted actually. Having said that, once I had my jackals I thought it would be cool to have a G.Panther, so I continue doing multiple x10 pulls. I ended up with every single guardian except Panther. Very disappointed, but I’ve gotten used to disappointment in this game. Luck really is a huge factor in this game and no money in the world can change that. I am happy about my other guardians though…

I did 3x 10 Event Pull

I got : Jackal ( Yellow ) Falcon (Red ) and the beauty …black panther :slight_smile:

But no HOTM but with panther i will not complaint!

And many more 3 and 4 * heroes for the alliance war.

But i’m waiting since forever to finish zeline and joon (1 shield & 1 dart remaining)