40k gems not a single 5*

Need to come up with a different way… I won’t be spending any more $$


Yeah this is one of the things that bothers me most about the game.

There should be SOME sort of minimums that are guaranteed.

If you spend a certain amount of gems in a week/month you should get either a HoTM or a 5* guaranteed.

Even if the amount is high there should be some level of guarantee. It is just awful for someone to spend 40k gems and not get a single 5 star hero. Even if it was a C-rated one, you should have at least gotten something.


Tha’t why I never spend any money. I am also not playing any Slot machine, same here. No guarantee and no odds mentioned…sad :-1:

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Agreed! Spend even more - always 2600 gems for 10 tries in a row - not even one 5* hero or HotM - even a couple of tries where I _received 10 times 3 heros_*!! Frustrating as hell!

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I’ve looked all over and even sent a support ticket asking for drop rate odds, nothing was found and no reply, App Stores new policy states that any loot box, crate, orb, crystal that rolls for a chance to win a prize, has to state in game or on the developers site the percentage of rare, common, uncommon, etc.


They need to increase the % for every 10x pull in 24 hrs… I’m going to continue playing but I’m not chasing hotm or item anymore

The problem with this is that you aren’t buying the pulls through the app store. You are buying a guaranteed number of gems for which you use on various things. Including chances at getting heros.

After the purchase of gems through the app store that is where the policy ends.

Right but they could do it… not hard to have it count the # of pulls on an account then reference a table to give the %… just saying keeping your spending customers happy is how you keep them. I won’t be spending money now… how does that help them?


I am not saying it isn’t something they could do. I think there should be more info available.

I was just commenting on the app store policy.

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