408 monk emblems- where are the legendary monks?

You can’t max Joon with 408 emblems. I brought one of mine to node 19 and didn’t regret a second. I’ll do the same to my second one in the mid future.

I find monk emblems in short supply. But then I rely on Wu and Wilbur for titans. Joon is one of my main sniper heroes. If I had his costume he’d be soaking up every monk emblem I had.

Literally had no monks and I think my top 2 are jabberwok and wilbur jabber got all my monk emblems at +9 I’m thinking of putting some on wilbur but not sure how far to take maybe +9 my other monk is lixui that I’m just levelling now.

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There are between 10 to 13 heroes for each class, considering all events and seasons :man_shrugging:

Not even a single Joon will enjoy with only 408 monk emblems, why need to pull 5. I have my monk emblems with Drake+19. I can make him to +20 as I still have 342 monk emblems standing by and Wilbur enjoying it but only at +4. Also have Rana and Joon and his costume maxed. My Leo is intentionally left at 3/70 while I am working on a second Joon and his costume. Use the search tool in this forum for a complete list of heroes and their respective classes.

All mine went to drake Fong


I have too many Monks to emblem, I’ll trade you Sorcerer emblems lol

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I used then on Santa. Rarely use him so he’ll be reset when I have a better option

Among all 5* monk class heroes, Joon and Leonidas are the easiest ones to obtain.
But, Joon has very destructive attack and costume is available.

Joon in one of the classic heroes that still be able to stand against new fancy heroes from any origins.
Joon+emblem+costume at maxed level is a very good investment.

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Used mine on Wilbur and Wu Kong as I have no 5*. They’ve both served me well in challenges and titans so I have no regrets

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Jabber and Drake are legit options for monk embleming. Joon is also ok.

If you dont have the a/m options every emblem on Wilbur is the best investment. He is not only titan/event/quest hero but one of the best offensive heros especially with +20 emblems ( 23 mana troops and he is fast hero)


Now we know who got all the Monks! I thought my Druid count was heavy at 6…

Vela, Noor, Freya, Alberich, Horghall, Kadilen…

They aren’t all Boolz’s :stuck_out_tongue: Looks like it’s a “sub account” where Boolz has added one of every hero? Made a complete “hero roster” of sorts… At a guess.

Edit: I didn’t know this but apparently @GDIBass has a “all heroes” database on heroplan.io. From Boolz’s comment on another thread it turns out this is what they were/are using to show the screenshot of all the monk heroes in the game :slight_smile:


I took my Joon to 20. The reason is that with a level 17 or higher Mana troop, you cut his charge time to 7 tiles.

And yeah, I still have 76 Monk emblems left over after that…

Thanks for this. Most of these legendary monks seem to be hotm or special event draws, but at least I have hope :smile:

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I had over 650 monk emblems before even deciding who to emblem. And I had Drake maxed for like 2 months before finally deciding to emblem him lol. It takes 1500 emblems to reach +20 for a 5* hero (1250 for +19) so it wouldn’t be wrong to keep stashing your monk emblems.

I emblemmed my santa to +18 and joon is at +7. Gave a few nodes to a bane and shrubbear too (like +3 for both)

Mine are all on Wilbur+18 and Joon+15. I still need more so that I can take Joon to +18, since he is on my war defense team. :slight_smile:

Btw, 405 monk emblems will only take one Joon to +7, so I don’t know why you would need 5x Joons. :thinking:

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Yep, haha. Browse > Heroes will take you there :slight_smile:

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