400 damage from Slash Attack opponent (during Raid) why?

I just raided a team and 1 of my heroes died because of regular tile damage that equaled 400, how is that possible? With no attack buff, defense debuff, and it was a fully maxed Hel that was hit, this makes no sense nor is it possible I’m certain.

Who hit you and what troops did the hero have?


Not sure which one hit me the team was Alberich,Kunchen, Mitsuko, Alisie,Onatel- All their troops were maxed to 30, the red troops were fast mana

Errr…biggest question is, how did you watch tile play AGAINST your team? Slash attack I’m assuming? If slash attack, Kunchen has defense down against you, plus the 20% buff defensive teams get?

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Funny, was just raiding and my Hel( with crit troop) was hit with over 400 slash attack, but Ares had activated so was a critical hit - maybe a critical hit in your case?

There wasn’t a defense down on me and this was a regular hit no special used she had 400 left and 1 hit killed her

Nope only person whose special went off was Alisie and she didn’t hit Hel she hit someone else it would of made sense if Kunchen got his special off then maybe it’s more believable

Hmmm 400 does seem quite a bit. I’m not sure then. Did you take a screenshot?

Yea that’s what the bosses hit with during final stages not raids. No, I didn’t see what could be screenshotted that would make any sense. Yea, I’m confused and I didn’t catch who hit me but I know it wasn’t a special

How does she come down to 400hp when no specials are fired though? Maybe you missed something…

I would agree but I had a plan to come back and win, I was still in great shape until I saw that happen that’s when I noticed something wasn’t right. I noticed what happens usually is whenever I’m down to 1 or 2 heroes the opponents hit harder so if I have 150, or 200 health left 1 regular hit kills me for that amount, I never dug deep into that because I know high level troops makes a huge difference but how can the hit power be 1 thing then something drastically different the next time? So when this happened I know now something is wrong

Try to record it or screenshot it the next time it happens and we can investigate it better. As arrogant as it sounds but 90% or even more of the reported bugs are human error and not a real bug

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That much damage never happened before and will screenshot something not sure how I could capture it minus a video

Maybe 2 critical slashes on 1 turn.


1 critical slash - my Hel is +7 defense and health and was hit for 400+ critical slash attack today after Ares buffed the opposing team.

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It is not totally impossible. If a defense team hero has high attack, then with troops boost and 20% hidden attack boost, they can have a attack stat as high as 1150. Now, I don’t know what troop your Hel had, but assuming her defense was arnd 750, the amount of damage inflicted by said hero would be 100x(1150/750)^1.35 ~= 180. So with a critical strike the damage will 180x2 = 360. It’s just a possibility.

But as @Olmor pointed out, it might have been two quick slashes against Hel by two different heroes, which could have killed her.


I remember seeing 1 hit, 400 taken away asap and no def down on me and no attack up on them, it was heartbreaking because I know i was still going to win or at least had a great chance to. I can see it being possible with a buff but surely not just a regular hit

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