40,000+ Titan hit (video link in post), Please can i have your comments and criticisms

Hi guys,

I was so pleased with this attack, this is my highest ever titan hit.

We’re currently only getting four and five star titans (i could do with some more stronger members in my alliance).

Things i did well from my perspective is doubling up on purples (i couldn’t afford to take the monkey out), and using items strategically.

I was just hoping for some feedback on where you think i could improve or what things you thought i did well. Please let me know and i won’t be offended if there’s something i need to work on.

Link’s here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_l1ZbF2FtNY

Thanks guys!



Why not create a diamond on the initial board? :wink:

Overall a very nice video. I wished my phone was faster so I could use items as fast as you did.

For higher tier titans you should think about antidotes.

Anyways, great work. You will hit the 50K mark soon.

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Good attack, You could have created a green diamond as your first move to get rid of some ‘‘dead’’ tiles. Also saw a few times where you could have used the dragon tiles(the ones you get when connecting four tiles) to hit the weak spot. Other than that it was a good attack with sensible item usage. When you get another purple you can replace sonya with that. With three purples that would easily have become a 50k+ attack :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys,

I’ve got a 5* Obakan waiting in the wings but more of a defensive hero, i also wouldn’t have a decent third troop option either because i’ve only got two troops and feed the rest, might need to change this!

I was kicking myself over the green diamond! i think i was blanking it out my mind because i had no green hero.

The titans we’re hitting at the moment don’t have any negative status effects but i’ve seen some that do. Some would probably knock out my heroes in one attack!

What exactly is that green diamond?

He could have connected five green tiles on his first move and that would have created a green ‘‘diamond’’

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Rofl … I thought your talking about battle items xD

There’s so much terminology on this game, it’s hard to keep track lol!

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