4 years in the game, still no 5* blue hero!?!

Talking of RNG, I’ve only ever received one 5* costume (Joon). playing 3½ years, I’m level 80, have done all the Masquerade quests since it came out and have purchased a fair number of the offers for Masquerade, and on average collect 10 keys between each event.
Then one day I got a 5* costume from HA and it was another Joon.


Anyway, I hope you get your blue soon! That is one colour I always had too many of.


I have been playing for 5 months and i have nearly the same number of 5* as you… it’s hard to believe that little progress in 4 years of playing… To be that low lvl you have to spend weeks without playing at all (just hitting the titan and doing some quest) I assume you don’t play AR or VF, otherwise your level should be higher.

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Did 2 10x on blue… guess what?!?

Uau, hope your luck gets better too! Thanks


Explained before my gaming method, with the time constraints i have. 2 hours, average, per day.

Just for your 4 years with this game, I wish you get that 5* blue soon…


Thanks for the suport. RNG during these 4 years has not been nice!

You deserve more than one, but let’s get that first 5* = to start you play fun !

:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::rofl::rofl: yeah, just hoping it comes soon!


Straight out of TC20!

So glad :laughing:… FINALLY


Congratulations! So glad you finally got one! I hope there’s more to come :grin:


Nice one! :+1:

FWIW I am closing on on 4 full years (vc2p) and only just recently finally got that elusive 4* mana green troop. All four other mana troops are at lvl 23+. Sometimes RNGesus has a warped sense of humour.


Finally your 5* blue hero appeared! Congratulations!

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nice! and she’s a good one too - great for Titans, and for rush… I still often use her over C-Magni for farming / world map too


Same with bad loot… Some people in my alliance have 4* ascension mats every week, I must be happy with 4 4* ascension mats a year! (Except for the special events every monday, like farholme pass, shrikewood, shiloh desert etc).
Titan loot sucks, titan chest loot sucks, war loot sucks…
If it’s really RNG there is no way, you can get such bad loot every time.
I don’t believe the ■■■■■■■■ of RNG anymore.
It looks like some players might not get hero’s or loot, so they hope you will spend more…
I play for maybe 5 years now, and also I do not have 1 red mana troop yet.
How great is that chance?

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Take a shower my friend and look for the meaning of “cenabet” which given the worst luck ever

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Nice. Sorry for the bad luck. I’ve only had one year and I’m not free to play but I’m cheap to play. Anyhow I have 4 5* blue heroes and I haven’t got to make a tc20 or a hero academy. Call me lucky, but trust me I’ve put a lot of time in and I just stared getting 5* heroes about a month ago besides Jon who was my first and only hero for about 6 months

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Uau… bad luck man! I hope you get that mana troop soon. I have 2 of them, but only got’em in the last year.

Wish you best of luck

That’s actually really good! Just got Isarnia 2-3 days ago… but the RNG really sucks in this game. Just concerned you will get a long period of time without good outcomes. Seems that it’s just how it works… sincerelly hope not.

Best of luck

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