4 years in the game, still no 5* blue hero!?!

Hi there.

I play this game for about 4 years, I’m at lvl 53. Every day battling titans, raiding, don’t miss a war, and as F2P, I had 3-4 purchases this year. Quests, not all of them, but usually complete a few of them, depending on my free time.
Got my Hero Academy at lvl10, just started to retrain a dupe Aruna.
So, after 4 years, one can say I’m not that bad at game progression.

So here’s my issue:
What does it take to get a 5 star blue heroe, after dilligently playing and building for 4 years? I’ve seen people in this forum ranting about RNG (something I comprehend), and I think “oh, there they go again”, but I start to feel the same way. For 4 years the RNG never favoured me a blue 5*??? What the heck? TC20 running for months in a row, not a single blue 5*… the summons along 4 years, not a single blue 5*… can anyone see the anomaly?

SG, I wish you could improve this! It is frustrating, it is mental. I do not believe RNG is the reason!
Been thinking about quitting the game… its just sad and stupid seeing younger players having all the goodies because they spend money at a frequent basis (wich I understand, they sepnd cash, they get rewarded) but me, after 4 years of play, having this gap…

Sorry about this. Small Giants, you can do better…


Gosh that is some very bad RNG. Really sorry, I would be frustrated too. Hope you get some good luck soon…


Saved 130 EHT to pull in this event portal with no S1… not 1 5* of any colour…

Thanks for the support;)


Oh dear! That’s so unfair! Wish I could give you my duplicate Thorn and Richard :cry:


You have a 1 in 5 chance of getting a blue 5* hero from HA10

ZS makes most things based on Merciless RNG

For 5* heroes, upcoming Soul Exchange may fix this

Not impressed with v0.1, but we will see what makes it to live server

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Thanks for replying.

HA lvl 10 took 4 years to get. I honestly hope this is the way I’ll get a blue 5*. The downside of that is that the retrain will end up in a desired heroe, that will make me have 2nd thougts on retarin again, since Aruna and Elena are the only dupes i have…

As for the troops, 3 out of 5 colours, i only have 1 mana troop. The other colours, i habe 2 troops… so, not that good either.


And it would be very welcomed… thanks for the support :slight_smile:

I just told some alliance mates earlier. I did 137 and got zero 5*. Then again that’s the norm for me.


Don’t be disheartened, your luck will turn around.


On one of my alts it was 2 years to get a green 5*. It’s just random, spending will make it happen sooner


4 years and level 53? …
You don’t play much it seems. Are you sure you’re doing every event and so forth to get gold tokens for summons?

Who is Aruna lol


I wish I could trade your Aruna for one of 6x Isarnia dupes

I just started up a second Legendary recruit training ( RT20 ) for more 5* for Soul Exchange ( hopefully Devs give us a better v0.2 )



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Took a while to get a blue 5*, my first was Vela and then a string if Isarnia decided to torment my life. Hopefully she will not torment you also…


4 years without a blue 5* hero is highly unlikely to happen… anyway with HA10 operational, you’ll get your first within a few weeks, it’s a matter of time now. I’d be curious, if you’d be so kind as to let us know what 5* heroes do you have in the other colors and how many farsight scopes do you have available after 4 years with no blue 5* hero.


That is really poor. Hopefully your luck turns soon. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

FWIW, I didn’t get my first dark 5* until I was about level 60 - Sartana from tc20; I’m vc2p.

It took ages, but my first ever HOTM was Seshat… Then I got C-Quintus. C-Sartana. Guardian Panther :heart_eyes:. Malicna. Chakko. :rofl: And my latest is Karnov. :rofl:

My point is that your luck could unexpectedly turn*, and maybe blue will eventually become your strongest element like dark for me. :wink:

*It can happen, but we both know RNG can be a big meanie. :see_no_evil:


22 scopes. Kadilen, Lianna, C.Quintus, C.Aruna(Azlar), Yang Mai, C.Elena, C.Domitia, C.Joon, Obakan and Elkanen

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I play every event, I just don’t play all the missions. Between work and every day affairs, don’t have much time, so i stick to the minimum. Have not completed S3 and S4 either

Soul Exchange is a no go for me! Not enough legendaries…

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Yes, bad luck. I had the exact same issue after only 2.5 years playing…not a single blue 5*.

Then one day I pulled Raffaele out of Atlantis on a free pull. And the exact same day, Richard out of TC20. Then 2 weeks later, Isarnia out of a single EHT. It’ll happen.

Run TC20 nonstop, and eventually run HA10. I’ve received almost a dozen “free” blue heroes this way.


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