4 Year Player Purges 80 Maxed 5* Heroes

I’ve always said that the only way to truly quit the game as a spender and longtime player is to feed all of them away. Well, on 11/13/2022 I decided to finally bite the bullet, and ensure that my time playing Empires and Puzzles was for sure finished. It took me 12 reset tokens and almost 5,000 gems just to strip most of my heroes of emblems so that I could purge them, but it was well worth it. Everyone’s situation is different, whether it’s real life, game life, F2P or P2W, and if you’re one of the players that can say “why not just stop spending?” or “you have enough heroes, why would you feel the pressure to try to buy more/new heroes?” then I’m happy for you. Others are not wired the same way, and the best resolution in my opinion is to do what I did. Link to my actual video is below:

(4 Year Player Purges 80 Maxed 5* Heroes in E&P! - YouTube)


May the force be we you :muscle:t3:


Certainly a different kind of “Soul Exchange.” I hope you translate the time and money to something worthwhile and fulfilling. Blessings in your new chapter.


congratulations on this big step, and best wishes!


Been a while since we got to see someone drop the hammer:


Now that you can feed more than 10 at a time looks less painful.

Thanks for sharing!
And good luck moving forward.
I hope that momentum contains no loot boxes


Been a pleasure and honor playing with you! Congrats on having the guts to do what most of want to do every day with this game!


Jahangir had a hearty meal.

Months of time eliminated in a matter of seconds.

What was your reason to quit the game ?

Wish you all the best.


Good way to ensure you won’t be back. Painful, but the best way. Enjoy your free time (and money)!.


Wow, stunning and brave lol


Congrats on your bold move. Enjoy your freedom.


Appreciate you, brother!!

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If i did the exact same video, it will be “(almost) 4 year Player Purges 20+ Maxed 5* Heroes (Mainly S1)” and it would be a joke video.

Congrats on your decision, good luck on your next journey, and I hope its not another ga-cha game.




Our former alliance leader did exactly that when Telluria + Vela were dominating the game. Fed all his heroes away. He was a heavy spender so that was pretty expensive roster.

Year later he decided to come back to the game.

Has to build the account from the scratch. Already spending more than before to catch up. Still can’t play nowhere near the high level as he’s too far behind.

Just saying, this may not really be the best way out. But good luck!


Hi can I get permission to share your YouTube video in my thread?

Your video could be an inspiration players could strive for


Personal resolve is better reality than such actions… which will usually get replaced by something else.

I personally have put a discipline in place & soul exchange has helped bigtime…. Seeing gamenoffer fairly current and good heroes…

  • Not needing the hero on day one is a big help as thru the months I still get heroes gradually…

  • Last 3 weeks did some 80 pulls & got 7 five stars & 2 HOTMs … with one from fated summons.

  • this again confirmed that gradual pull now & then is cool… keeps me current…

Last 6 -7 months have been calm & FuN :grinning:

  • Not falling for the buff or disappointed with nerf…
  • Don’t play decimal calculation level play

This is my share to this thread…:wink:


I think it’s not the best way to “quit” if you have a problem with spending and gambling addiction there are more important things to deal with first, and throwing away your efforts doesn’t solve the fundamental problem.


You absolutely may use it, feel free to use and share! Hope it helps someone that needs it.


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