4* vs 5* Heroes

I would guess by this ratio that you started spending right away and you got 4 and 5* heroes but don’t have the mats to level them?


@Obsidian that’s precisely it. I was C2P for summoning heroes before I found this forum. I didn’t even know we could train up a 5*

So yeah that’s how I got such a deep and weak bench lol

Someone on here gave me some great leveling advice and a nice game plan to work on in terms of leveling order and strategy. So that part is now much of a relief. It’s the current issue of now having heavy raid teams that are maxed and with emblems or like not being able to beat Ursena because my teams are all too weak.

So it’s just the frustration of it, like an interim of hell lol



Sorry you are frustrated.

I have repeatedly blamed 5* HotM advertising for convincing new players that 3* / 4* heroes are worthless and 5* heroes are always better.

I would love a 4* HotM.

4* Heroes are the backbone of Empires. 4* heroes, plus Forge Level 17, can complete all of the game.

Solo snipers

Joon and Isarnia are glass cannons. But this team is mostly solo snipers except

Mitsuko who is useful for defense teams but not as useful versus normal titans, map bosses and triple bosses. Similar to Li Xiu.

Isarnia ( who I actually like but ) suffers from Classic 5* Hero syndrome - everything that was programmed later could be better, faster, stronger.

Team heroes

I prefer team heroes.

Wu Kong teams
([Play Style] The cascade squad or Wu Kong+ two healers- New Notes 2019-Mar)

(Wu Kong grinder gang or Powerful rainbow auto play team or Wu Kong plus 4 healers)

(Proteus or Domitia first? - #13 by Gryphonknight)

(What to do with fighter emblems? - #12 by Gryphonknight)

It really sucks that the most common 5* heroes in the game are mostly solo heroes, slow heroes, or both.

Generic advice

Comparing heroes

([Math] 4* 4.70 > 5* 3.70 > 4* 3.60 > 5* 2.60 > 3* 3.50 ( base stats and special skills ) or Comparison of Partially leveled heroes by rarity [More Math])


But it depends on your roster.

I shoot for completing rare quests soonest, then class quests then Titan loot tier 9+ then Platinum/ Diamond raid arenas.

Color stacking

Color stacking is the hidden buff of Empires.

Color stacking

Hero XP

It is much faster to color stack lower rarity heroes:

5* Heroes

But eventually it does make sense to level 5* instead of more 4* heroes.



Long Comment

So now I’m leveling 5 heroes at a time, completing a rainbow of heroes. So after whichever color is done I will begin leveling the next hero in that color, and so forth.

So my 5* Rainbow is all on 3rd ascension and will be ascended to level 70 over time, they are secondary to whatever primary heroes I’m leveling until I get the materials needed for their final ascension. That rainbow is Seshat/Joon/Mitsuko/Isarnia/Lianna. I will be leveling them in between time but just not making them the focus to get to 3.70 before I get these 4* heroes to 4th ascension.

The 4* Rainbow is who I’m currently ascending to max as they are all on 4th tier so they will me my first set of maxed 4*, that should be done within the next week or two based on their current levels. That is Boldtusk 4.58/Cyprian 4.65/Li Xiu (maxed)/Grimm 4.41 and Caedmon 4.57

Kiril 2.35 Wilbur 3.46 and Hansel 3.36 are in the middle of ascension so they are next to finish, along with Proteus 2.24 and Jackal 1.8 immediately being the next holy and dark hero to level up.

Then Rigard Triton Gaderius Scarlett and Wu Kong, and also Tirbutus after Rigard because he’s. Currently on 2.24. By the time these heroes are done I feel I will have a good set of heroes combined that are leveled. I should then have some or most of the materials for the 5* ascensions while I have a very strong set of 4* heroes to fight with as well.

I have Melendor at 3.60 and Kageburado at 2.60, but for Mel I don’t have the shields and I would give them to Hansel first anyway since I will already have BT/Kiril, and Proteus is getting my trap tools before Kage.

Some 5*s to mention are Marjana, Ares, Misandra, Vivica, Drake Fong and Sartana, which I will be leveling to 3.70 after the above 4 stars are done in their respective colors. Gonna stop at 3.70 with the 5 stars until I consult with the forum for who I should/shouldn’t ascend to 4th tier.

I’d also like to max a few of my 3 stars for those raid tournaments, but that is definitely NOT a priority before getting this done.

There are more heroes on my bench, but I do believe that these are among my best and would be best to level before I look to level any of the others.

My SH is at 18, and my TCs are at 8/11/17 so I’m working on getting those up now so that I can really get maximum heroes out to feed. My 11 is currently on constant run.

It may just be a time thing, and since I started out the fast way now I’m slowed down.

Absolutely, that was my biggest misconception as a new player and exactly how I ended up here lol


This is also what I discovered. Not that they aren’t good but they are either squishy with a great single special, or strong with slow mana, or a combo of both. I missed most of the classic heroes like Guinness/Alby/GM/MN etc so I probably won’t ever have them. So I’m focusing on the 4s a bit more. I do know that I can mix and match as well it doesn’t have to be teams of all 4 or all 5* I just need levels on them period.

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@Gryphonknight great insight on that last comment

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Exactly what happened to me @LadyAchilles. The very 1st hero that I ever summoned was Musashi, so I of course started concentrating solely on him. Then I pulled Kiril and started working on him along side Musashi…needless to say my AW, Titan hits, Raids, EVERYTHING suffered greatly. I was totally discouraged but luckily found these forums and it changed my entire out look on this game. I’m now the leader of the alliance I joined back when I started, I guess I surpassed the leader and was more interactive with new recruits?? Anyway just wanted to let you know I understand how frustrating it can be, and will be at times.

P.S Finally finished Musashi…he’s useful in the occasional AW and yellow stack. But Hel is so far one of my favorites.


I just want to clarify here, by telling classic or vanilla heroes it means heroes from TC20 or elemantal summon and epic hero summon portal or heroes season 1 (based on map).
Guinevera is Event hero Avalon. And will always available in Avalon event.
Alby is HOTM-05. And will appear in Atlantis, but not always (rotate old HOTM).
GM is HOTM-13. Same as above.
MN is seasonal hero in December (Christmas). And will always available in december.


@jinbatsu ah, I called them classic because all of you greats have them lol

Rigard and Melendor ( together they fight crime)

I believe Rigard plus Melendor is the most powerful pair of 4* healers in the game.

Charge at different rates because different colors ( this is a plus ), both 42% immediate heal, one removes ally debuffs, one removes enemy buffs ( without taking damage)

My 4*+18 Rigard plus 4*+18 Melendor get used constantly for quests, seasonal events, challenge events.

Classic 4* / 5* heroes will be the first to receive costumes. Allowing them to act as healers for additional Class quests.

I am currently raiding with Rigard, Melendor, Frida, Grimm, Valeria.

Special skill control

I love my 4*+1 Hansel for rainbow raiding, but Hansel is not as good as my Proteus ( 4*+15 and 4* 3.60 ) for triple bosses.

Infamous Wu Kong

Wu Kong takes practice, but I believe Wu Kong is the single most powerful 4* hero in the game.

At least until they make a 4* Tarlak ( hint, hint Dev Tim. Maybe a Tarlak costume for Wu Kong ).

Often I will just use Wu Kong for his base stats and hold him with a fully charged mana bar until the enemy are debuffed, my team is buffed, and there are one, or more, power shards on the board.

Famous Proteus

I believe Proteus is the single most useful 4* hero for completing Challenge events ( except reflect purple) allowing me to get emblems, 3* ascension items and world energy flasks from tier completion. So far Proteus is equally as useful for Seasonal events getting me 3* / 4* ascension items and ingredients.

Famous Jackal

I believe Jackal is not as good as Falcon, but even dead ( grave damage) is very powerful for color stacking

(Two Rogues or comparing Guardian Jackal and Scarlett ( with a mention of Grimm ))


@Gryphonknight I was trying to hard to get Falcon during the event, but instead got 4 Jackals, go figure lol


I hate Wu Kong and Ranvir because I don’t understand them, but still plan to level them because they are statistically proven to be among the best heroes in the game so I know I just need to learn how to use him once I get to that point.

I really like Melendor and plan to max him, but considering I have so many unleveled heroes and not enough attackers plus all the 4* healers in the game that’s why I’m gonna bring Hansel up to 4th ascension before Mel. But Mel will still be ascended and maxed.


Could i be cheeky and ask too, all advice is appreciated

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Of course

My line id is jrigs

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Depends on what level are you competing against.

The heroes that you have are at least A rank heroes. Your 5* heroes at 3/70 should be able to hold you in platinum.

Isarnia - Seshat - Mitsuko - Lianna - Joon

Your lineup is a diamond class lineup only lacking 4th ascension. So once you bring them up you will be able to hold in diamond overnight.


@AirHawk thanks for the feedback!

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Tarlak costume for Wu Kong? Surely the devs are going to troll us and make a Tarlak costume for Gobbler.

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So I posted this 4 days go…

I’m making such good progress, I’ve began farming like a mad person and I’ve been able to go from 1 hero maxed to 5 heroes maxed, BT Talent unlocked, and 5 more heroes more than half way leveled…so far so good!

Thanks to everyone who always gives me great feedback on my many questions :slight_smile: image

Don’t mind the “teams” minus team 1 (defense team) those are just being used as “rainbows” to level in order.