4* vs 5* -- Defense Question

So this is probably a dumm (sic) question, but a maxed Rigard or a maxed Domitia – what’s the better option for a defense rainbow squad.

For reference, my others are currently:

  1. Richard (blue) 5/80 (I have Magni at 3/70 but don’t have ascenion mats for this one)
  2. Evelyn (green) 5/80
  3. Boldtusk (red) 4/70 (working on Khagen to max out - currently 4/12)
  4. Li Xiu (yellow) 4/70 (working on Vivica to max out – currently 2/48)

Thanks for any thoughts you might have.

Eve Boldie Richy Domi Li

Eve Boldie Li Rigs Richy

Would say depends on the others.


I guess I should say my current order of line up:
Li Xiu – Boldtusk – Richard – Domitia – Evelyn

I did think about throwing Rigard in for Boldtusk…

DOM by far Boldy heals Li steals mana Eve is soft a

I would use Dom and Richard on the otters with BT and Eve as flanks and Rigard as tank.

If you really want a rainbow team then change Richard with Li.
I think you benefit from having the 2 maxed heroes in your team though.

It’s only an opinion.