4* Troops for C2P players, which one is the best?

I know that 4* troops are not that easy to get, but I was lucky enough to get the 2 types of 4* Troops for some colors.

I’m not a big spender, so I don’t think my troops will ever get close to max in the near future.

So, which one should I invest on, the mana troops, the crit troops or both?


Crit is better for places where you kill with tiles, map / quests / events / titans
Mana could be better where you have to rely on specials or heals, like raids, wars and defenses.

If you frequently uses heroes who increase crit you could safely level mana troops.
A common use for mana troops is to let very fast heroes charges with fewer tile’s matches.


Mana troops really only make a difference with very fast heroes. Even then the amount of gains required to effect change is significant. I believe it’s level 11 for very fast. I’d level crit over mana as a primary troop if you have both.

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Please see this extensive thread on this topic:

Always helps to do a search before starting a thread!


Thanks kerridoc. I knew I’d seen this before! Good luck all!

I like mana troops because they buff the attack stat much more than crit troops, and increases your healing. The mana boost is basically useless except on defense though. Crit troops are a solid investment because all of the stat bonuses are immediately useful.

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