4* troops and hero academy

Will hero academy also be used to transform troops? Or in other words - should I keep my 4* troops or can I feed them?

there is no limit on troop space that i know of… i would at least keep 5 of each kind of eack color


To answer the original question, no there hasn’t been any indication at all that the hero academy will be extending beyond heroes.

I’d guess that it won’t based on it being the “Hero” academy

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I just pulled my 6th red critical troop, but I am still missing a purple critical one (and I’m level 69, playing sin Albi was HotM).
On the other hand, the 500 xp would be nice to push my red mana troop.

Don’t feed them at least until you have 5. Really useful for stacking.

What I understand is that currently, the highest rarity for troops is 4*…
And one of the hardest to get.

I just pulled my 6th, that’s why I am asking. To keep 5, this is clear for me.

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