4* Troop leveling up cost?

So I’m Level 38, with a rainbow 4* troop hovering around Levels 12-14, and I’m at a point where I’ll level a troop every 15 days or so. Its not that the food cost is high but you can only feed troops same color and troops, in general, are more scarce than Heroes as loot.

So if you have a full 30 level rainbow 4* troop I guess there is no way to do it right now without spending a bunch in epic troop summoning and feeding everything? One 10-pull of epic troops yields an average of 2,200 exp points for feeding (90% 3*, 200 x 9 = 1,800 exp + 10% 4*, 400 exp.). At troop level 14 you already need 2,075 exp… for 1,600 gems or $16 USD at the best “regular” price. If you go F2P it will literally take years to fully up a troop team.

I feel a combination of “I’m not rich” and admiration of SG for some serious monetization efficiency. GG, SG, GG…

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