4* trainer hero

What to do with him? Use on wars? Feed him to a green hero?
Just wondering what will be his destination
He is weak to play with even maxed, his stats are too low, i think i will feed him to Melendor or Zeline
Opinions are welcome!

Best for feeding same color hero. Chances to increase the special skill increases greatly plus you get the most value out of them when you feed them to same color heroes. That’s kinda what they’re for… :grinning::muscle:


Feed him to Zeline. When I clear level 20 on advanced for the event he’ll be Lianna food.


Didn’t know Trainer Heroes come in 4*… Will wonders never cease with this game?

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Trainers carry the normal odds of increasing the special, by they give a huge amount of experience. They are therefore a poor choice for a feeder IF you are worried about special level.

Feeding it to a 4* or 5* shouldn’t create an issue, and that’s exactly the best use for it.


Another thing to consider is the higher level your heroes get, the more expensive it is in ham to continue leveling.
I’d keep these extra high trainers until at least 3rd ascension to help save me some ham.


Thanx everyone, i will feed him to Melendor, he is at 4/40 so it will help his final push
zeline is waiting for a final tonic, she is at 3/60
When that tonic shows up i will boost her to 4th

Thank u so goodbye 4* trainer! :slight_smile:

He took my Tiburtus from 3/55 to 3/60 like a bolt. Really appreciated. And not even same color

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