4* to 3-60 or 3* Maxed?


You are on a good start. When I started there was no use for 3*'s once you grew up. There is now:challenges so it worth have a roster of 3’s that are 2-3 deep. You are more likely to get 3’s than 4’s even if you spend so for best result is 3’s to 3-50. your choice of sonya and Mel is perfect. Both of mine are used side by side with the maxed 5’s. Hu will eventually sit on the bench BUT you play the hand you are dealt not the one you wish you had.

I agree those are better investments, but I would say Hu Tao versus Li Xiu, imho are very close in effectiveness.

WK is a slam dunk, though will probably drive OP a little insane at first and not as good on a defense team :slight_smile: the others you mention are all seasonal or S2/S3 heroes. Which are obtainable … but could take a long long time unless OP is spending some cash :slight_smile: (And hell, even if :stuck_out_tongue: )

I agree that OP should get Panda to 3/60 for now :slight_smile: or at least start on the path there. If a Poseidon popped up tomorrow I’d probably switch over tho :wink: I actually have a Chao at 4/70, and two WKs (ok ok ok I shouldn’t have leveled 3 Wu Kong’s :rofl: ) who ride my bench now. But for a LONG TIME, months and months and months I was using that Chao as my only yellow sniper. He was a staple on my war teams, and I have zero regrets about leveling him :slight_smile:

Gormek is really such a great 4*. So beefy, and his special helps you in every facet of the game. Great on defense teams (hint, your defense team specials fire from left to right, so if he isn’t in the middle, try to have him on the left side so any ensuing specials cast by your team benefit from the defense debuff! Middle or left of middle are probably the two best spots for him :slight_smile: ), great versus titans, and a really great focal point for a raid team :slight_smile: you got a good one there.

You could well be using Gormek, Sonya, and Hu Tao quite a while. They’re investments that you’ll be using for months at a minimum. I would expect the better part of a year but could be even longer :slight_smile: there are very few outright BAD heroes [ glares at Danzaburro ] and even those you’ll find some people who like them.

Hu Tao TORMENTED me at lower levels. I outright avoided him when looking for raid opponents! He would fire, and then everything I did missed haha. Plus, that damage is legit when 2/5 or more of your team is 3* heroes :stuck_out_tongue: you won’t get to experience what he does for your defense teams first hand, but a team wide accuracy debuff is not nothing! He’s absolutely worth it as someone you level. You’re gonna probably have some raid attacks where he absolutely saves your bacon in extraordinary fashion… and some where he fires and the enemy doesn’t miss one time. I’d say, in preparation for that, try to think of any of their misses as a bonus. You just can’t count on it :slight_smile:

I am Very confident, based on what you told us about your roster, that Hu Tao is worth leveling for you. I hope you enjoy him and that you enjoy your time playing E&P.

Keep posting these kinda questions here, it’s what the forum is for! It gets us all excited to provide our opinions and thoughts! And if at some point you decide you wanna check out a new alliance, you can probably tag any person from this thread and they’ll get you a spot somewhere good :slight_smile:

Take care!