4* to 3-60 or 3* Maxed?


I know I ask a lot of questions but my alliance is pretty quiet and I want to learn and grow.

When it comes to leveling heroes, is it worth leveling a 4* hero if we can only get to 3-60?

Asking because I just got Hu Tao and I have no darts and only 3 orbs. Should I start leveling him up or should I focus on a 3* yellow (Meril) whom I can get maxed out. They both have similar benefits to the team so I wasn’t sure what I should do to benefit my roster best.

Extra info: I currently have Bane, Dawa, and Gan Ju maxed at 3-50 (and some with emblems as well). I tried to have 2 snippers, 2 wide-spread attackers and 1 healer normally so I know either hero will be a benefit for me…also asking because I would like a general guide to help grow my roster best.

I’d do neither. You’ll outgrow them soon. Some players have already have their heroes gaining dust in the corner as their roster grows. However, Hu Tao may greatly improve upon the release of his costume where as the 3 star hero is outclassed by better 3 star heroes.

As to alliance, you are better off to a training alliance that is nurturing, guiding, well-informed members. You may be best benefiting with that kind of group.

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But in general, is it more worth it to level a 4* to 3-60 or to fully level up a 3* hero?

Errr… really depends on the hero and need, and at what stage of the game you are currently in. In my case, i have approx 50 maxed 3 star heroes and 50 maxed 4 star heroes. My Hu Tao is at 3/60 even sitting on 52 orbs as I tend to prioritize other epic holy heroes in maxing dupes like Mist, Jackal and Gretel. On 3 star holies, I may max Agnes if I ever get her soon as I havent been summoning in valhalla portal for several months now. In sum, it really depends on your needs, especially if you just need more heroes to be more helpful in wars.

After taking two or three 3* of each color to 3.50, there’s not a compelling reason to do more unless you plan to play competitively/for fun. 4* heroes generally have better specials and will have much more lifetime value in the game than 3*. After 6 months to a year of active play, the only places you will take 3* heroes are where the game says that you cannot take anything better than a 3* hero.

I say “unless you play competitively/for fun” because 3* tournament and rare challenge events are for veteran players. They will have emblem, costume, and depth advantages unless you match their dedication or spend in that arena.



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What is in your roster


In my honest opinion, as already said, you are better joining an established training alliance when you are new to this game. You will learn and grow lots very quickly.
With regards to your hero roster, I would recommend that you first start by building at least 3 rainbow teams of 3* heroes to max. Then the same with 4* heroes - at least 3 rainbow teams worth.
You will need advice and guidance about who to focus on for longevity etc. So Kiril, Melendor, Rigard and Sabina for 4* healers in addition to Boldtusk, Proteus, Grimm, Wilbur, Wu Kong and the like.
In “ general” a max 3* hero can be better than a 4* sat at level 3 waiting for mats.
Good luck

Edit : sorry I should have said. It’s better to max 3* Melia before Hu Tao. When you have done that if you don’t have a better 4* yellow hero in your roster then yes max out Hu Tao

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To answer your question a fully leveled hero is generally always better to use then its half leveled higher counterpart. That said you dont have the items now but you will in the future so maybe give thought to finishing the 3* and then working to get your 4* to 3-60.
This is a forum and a place for questions so ask away. In my opinion go into the alliance recruiting section and find yourself a good home. 3/4 of the fun of this game comes from the people youre in an alliance with and if u cant even ask a question there then they don’t deserve you as a member who wants to grow


Allow me to register my strongest disagreement possible here!!!

That’s total bullocks!

Hu Tao might not be an upper tier 4*, but he’s still plenty useful. ESPECIALLY in the realm of a player who is sporting mostly 3* heroes as OP is.

If this forum is for anything useful, it is answering this type of question. Sorry I’m a bit late to the party!

It depends.

They don’t get to 3,60 and then get stuck forever ya know. Eventually you’ll be swimming in orbs :wink: until then, “what is better” depends on your roster and the specific heroes.

For example - you tell me you have 3 yellow 3* maxed out already, no mention of 4* or 5* maxed out so I suspect you don’t have any. IF that is true, I’d advise you to start working on HuTao if he’s your only 4* yellow.

In general, if you have 1-2 of a 3* in a color, it’s probably a good time to Start working on a 4*.

About Hu Tao in particular; he’s not great. He is a very good defensive hero in those lower ranked alliance wars. And he could do you some relative favors on a raid defense team in general. But there are absolutely Some better yellow 4* out there :slight_smile:

Now, the question for me is: how many 4-5* do you have total? Ya know. A whole bunch and I’d probably dump the yellow into another color if it’s a stronger hero, and give the game a little time to spit you out a Wu Kong or some other yellow 4* or 5*.

Buuuut if Hu Tao is your first, and one of only or only 4*. Then I vote ya start leveling him up, and I think you’ll enjoy him plenty. Plus you will probably stumble upon another orb soon enough :slight_smile:

Best of luck


In my opinion, there are milestones that you may need to take into consideration.

  1. your current stronghold and township development is adequate to accommodate 4* heroes multiple simultaneous levelings and ascensions already or not. If not, 4* heroes leveling and ascension can be postponed for a while

  2. your ascension materials are ready (or almost ready) or not. If not leveling to tier 3/60 can be a choice but have to take item 1 into consideration too.

  3. your 3* army is ready for quests or not. If not, I recommend you expand 3* army to about 30-35 maxed before doing 4*, since you will need at least 30 heroes for war even though you may have to responsible for cleanup, you will need to complete monthly 3* challenges in a better tier than just a completion, and you will need to progress to higher stage of TOL to gain more TOL coins, and many other reasons.

Good luck to you.

It’s alright. That’s what the forums are for. We just try to be civil while we agree or disagree on our respective views.


I don’t find any use for him. Really. I have 10 maxed epic holies in Li Xiu, Chao, Danzaburo, Wu Kong, Lady Woolerton, Mist and dupes of Gretels and Jackals. And I plan to max my 4th Jackal, 2nd Mist and 3rd Gretel as I am sitting on 56 orbs, though I want Gullinbursti as my other holy healer since SpringVale is months away for an attempt to get LW again. While my Hu Tao sits at 3/60, I really don’t find him much that useful since he has low attack stat and has slow mana that I find other heroes in my inventory to be far better than that yellow panda. I would ascend a slow hero if he/she has devastating and damaging skills like Colen or Sumle. Fact is, even Danza has better stats than Hu Tao and is at average mana and has a better “blind” effect against all enemies (IF IT THE SWORD SKILL TRIGGERS). One day, I will ascend my Hu Tao AFTER getting his costume in the future as the costume bonus is a good reference point for consideration. But definitely not after maxing dupes of Jackal (I have 2 more unleveled), Gretel and Mist, and maybe Guillinbursti once I decided to use my hoarded Valhalla coins. But this is just me and maybe different to other players.

Again, as I have mentioned, you may later on ignore Hu Tao as your roster grows. As in mine. But if you find him pretty useful still, good for you and kudos.

My yellows are Bane, Dawa, Melia and Gullinbursti fully maxed. I have Hu tao at 1/1.
I will have to max him because I do not have any other option. Other choices are Kailani, Ganju, and another Bane. I have 9 orbs, enough for 2 epics.
Should I wait for another 4 :star2: or go with Hu tao?

A 4* 3.60 is stronger than a 3* 3.50 and have a better special but the cost of training it/him/her is quite higher.

In your particular case, I´d go for Hu Tao, but it would be useful to know which other heroes you have.


With all due respect… (awesome yellow roster, BTW)… not all players are so fortunate to have all of those heroes.

For the majority of newbies, especially low spenders and non spenders, any 4* hero is going to be an improvement.

Is Hu Tao the best yellow 4*? Nah. Honestly, he is one of my least favorites. But if he’s the only 4* yellow you’ve got? As a wise man (or woman) on here once said…

The best roster is the one you have.

Maybe sometime later… 6-12 months from now, OP will have Li Xiu and Chao and Wu Kong and all sorts of orbs and other stuffs, and Hu Tao will inevitably get cast aside to the dust bin, only getting called up for the occasional war team or mono yellow stack.

But in the meantime? Yes. A Hu Tao is likely going to be better overall than any 3* yellow.


Have we totally confused the OP yet? Poor dear, as you can see, there’s no one right answer.

Personally Hu was my first yellow 4* (and only one for a looooong time in spite of countless gems flushed down the holy summons). So I gave him orbs, and I used him for months until he was no longer one of my top 5 holies. By the time I got him I think I had all the S1 3*s leveled, and maybe Melia too, and was working on a 2nd Bane and a 2nd GanJu :scream:

But if the new 3* yellow is Melia (I don’t know of a Meril?) she’s actually really good and I might be inclined to feed her first.

Another thing to consider: emblem trials. Hu is a fighter and Melia is a druid. Does either one benefit you more in emblem trials? Can you fill a full team in every trial to at least complete the first level?


I only have a few 4*

Sonya, 2 reds, Melendor and Hu Tao. I’m working on Gormek and Sonya. Currently, I am working on Gormek, Sonya, and Hu Tao.

Melendor will be started in bout 2 weeks once I finish a 3* sniper.
My other 4* will be started after Gormek.


I think ascending HuTao depends a lot on your spending habits. He isn’t a great hero, but not the worst, either… If you spend money on gems and do pulls regulary, I would advice against Hu. If you are f2p or only spend very little momey for summons, acsend the heroes you have available, more orbs will come in time… I ascended Hu very late and didn’t really use him for almost anything, but I do have too many orbs (52), I have to use them somehow…

I would set hu tao at 3/60 for now unless you are in a hurry to get an epic yellow maxed . He was my first yellow 4* and maxed him time before . Now that i have more yellows to pick from hu is practically always benched

I think there are better investment in yellows like li xiu, wu kong, melia , kvasir. If you are lucky Mist , Jackal or Gretel

Its up to you. Hu tao is not good but has his uses like rush tournament or fighter trials if not other fighter around. If you run a tc 13 or tc 20 wait for better yellows .

Wait. You don’t need darts (nor any 4* mat) to max 4* heroes.


Then what do I need? I noticed that I needed some mats for Gormek when I check to see if I have everything to ascend him.

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