4* titan energy refill flask


Has anyone got one,
One guy in my alliance says he thinks he has a flask that refills everyone in the alliance,he English is poor so he can’t be sure,it’s a 4* purple flask


My guess is that its an Alliance Flask. And it refills your Alliance Energy. For the person that use it, not for everyone in the alliance.

Unless they’ve implemented something completely new I’ve not yet seen haha! :slight_smile:


No one in our alliance has a titan flask (used them all in last titan) so we couldn’t compare it,all I know is the other 2 types(raid/world energy ) are both 3*
Would be pretty cool to have a flask that refilled everyone


The Titan energy flask is called “Alliance flask”, so he probably misunderstood. I’ve never encountered any flask that works for other people, and never saw anyone commenting it on chat, global or alliance. I’m pretty sure it does not exists and it would be way too OP.


I have an Alliance Flask and I’ve used them before. They just refill your hits, not everyone’s.


I wonder though, what the difference is between a 3* and 4* alliance flask?


I think 4* is the standard alliance flask. The shop deal shows world and raid flasks as 3*, and alliance flask as 4*. Just worth more, I guess.