4* team advice

So I got a little bit lucky recently with new 4* heroes and it ruined my beautiful plan of ascending my rainbow team members only when I have materials doubled. Just in case someone interesting appears suddenly (waiting for you, crazy monkey). With the resources I have and point in the game, it would be just stupid not to get my team to the highest level now. And here’s the dillema:

Kiril almost maxed, no dillema - I don’t have any other 4* blue and warm capes are just waiting

Chao 3/60 - the most difficult decision, cause I’ve got 7 orbs of magic and if I use 4 of those on him I just know Wu Kong will appear the next day.

Little John 3/60
Kashhrek 3/30 and levelling
I could do both, have 10 shields but still need to pick one for now. I use LJ most of the time, kashhrek only in difficult battles to stay alive.

Sabina 3/60
Rigard 2/40 and leveling
Tiburtus 3/60
Cyprian 1/1
Only 4 trap tools

Red (here comes the fun):
Coleman 3/60
Gormek 3/60
Falcon 3/60
Scarlett 3/40 (and levelling)
Kellie 1/1
And only 6 hidden blades

Rainbow team I use for most of the time is: Kiril, Colen, Chao, LJ and Sabina. Depending on the titan/event/raid I switch Colen for Gormek (sometimes add Falcon), Sabina for Tiburtus (or use both), LJ for Kashhrek (or both). Maybe it’s because they were the first ones.

So the questions:

  • wait for another yellow or ascend Chao?
  • LJ or Kashhrek, none, both?
  • which red?
  • purple - wait and test out Cyprian or ascend Tiburtus or one of the healers?

Sorry for being long. Any advice will be welcomed. I’ll have TC20 functional soon, so can wait with some decisions but not all.

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It’s a hard choice, and, I guess, there is no “right” answer.
Chao is good. I ascended him and left Li Xiu 3/60 (May be later…).

All purple are good. Since you already have a blue healer, you might start with Tiburtus. He has good attack an defence reducing capabilities.

Little John has slow mana, but once he get charged it is a disaster. I’d say that Kashrek can be used as a second green at 3/60.

Colen is also slow mana, which is not very good in attacks. But he hits hard. Gormek is equivalent to Tiburtus, so no reason for having two identical heroes. I’d say Kelile: she is fast and hits hard and for long. The only disadvantage is that she has bad defence.
Perhaps, you should flip a coin. :wink:

My view:

  • Yellow Ascend Chao. He’s a fast striker. Have you already gotten the orb from Shiloh? In any case, orbs are not ultra rare.
  • Purple tough choice between Rigard and Sabina. I lean toward Sabina for her higher tile damage on titans and debuff, which is of growing importance as new heroes come out that depend a lot on buff effects. Tibertus is a solid choice too, but I think Gormek is the way to plug that role.
  • Blue Kiril is always a good choice
  • Green LJ and Kashhrek are opposite ends of the spectrum: K is the best 4* defense tank, while LJ is all about offense. I think offense is more important, so I’d go LJ.
  • Red I vote for Gormek. He’ll serve as your tank if you go with LJ over Kashhrek, and he provides a key special: defense debuff. This is a vital special against titans and a strong plus in all attacks. Falcon is only good with another red—alone he doesn’t hit hard enough to be top-shelf. Colen is great on defense, but not much on offense,
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I cannot disagree with @Kerridoc as his analysis is good. Can’t go wrong with those suggestions. I would offer the following rainbow team that has good synergy and would be useful in all game aspects: raids, titans, and raid defense (wars).

Kiril - heal all, defense buff, attack buff
Tiburtus - defense debuff
Kashhrek - heal nearby, tank
Scarlett - attack debuff
Chao - striker, mana reduction

I think this team is well rounded, offers good special activation speed with 3 avg and 2 fast heroes. I find two heroes that heal all is too much in general but a Kiril/Kashhrek is like 1.5 healers and it is a good balance. This would be a solid 4* team that covers as many bases as possible.


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