4* tanks too late for the show?

Long story short: I started playing in January this year, and classic 4* tanks like Kash, Boril or Cyprian showed up so late that I’m well into Platinum now (2000-2200 cups) and hope to be moving on to maxing my first 5* rainbow to the last tier when the mats show up. At this point, I plan to use the following set-up for my first 5* rainbow defense: Musashi - Kadilen - Frida - Red Hood - Sartana.

In the meantime, I’ve been levelling 4* to get a decent war pool, and plan to max 20 4* (4 each colour) and bring 10 4* to 3/60. My focus is on war and raid offense.

With those things in mind, should I bother levelling 4* tanks unless they’re useful for offense (such as Gadeirus, Boril and Cyprian, but unlike Kashrek).

I would suggest contemplating 4* tanks, especially for tournaments.
I love Boril and Gaderius is surprisingly resilient.

Due to color restrictions on some tourneys and the fact that counterstrikers make for excellent war depth, I’d do Cyprian also.


I have a similar situation, Gadeirus, Kash and Boril all showed up after I maxed my first 5*s in their colors. I’m still working on Gad and Boril to give me bench depth for wars. I’m undecided on Kash, but have moved him to the back of my Green queue after Gad and Skittles. I’ll work on Kash if no other Green projects turn up, but normally I do a 3/2 stack and already have 3 Greens for offense (Jack, Skittles and Gad).

I agree with @PeachyKeen. 4* tanks are still very relevant in the context of 4* tournaments with colour restrictions, while also improving your roster depth. Also, riposte heroes like Boril and Cyprian are very good for defeating many season 2 bosses who are AoE hitters, if you are having trouble dealing with them, just watch them kill themselves, same applies during raids and wars. A nicely timed riposte in a colour stack is sometimes quite valuable. Kashhrek will also serve as a very good tank incase your alliance ever wants to go green tanks in wars, unless you have Horghall or Yunan. That’s just what I feel. :slight_smile:

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Sure, 5* tanks are better than 4* tanks—if and only if they’re maxed. At 3/70, though, they aren’t your best choice.

I applaud your focus on 4*. They are the backbone of good teams for at least your first year. Only bring the best 5* up at first, to 3/70.

I preach matched-color training, to get the 20% experience bonus when there are useful things to work on in each color. That’s the fastest way to build a deep bench. I’d focus on:

  • Purple Sabina, Cyprian, Sartana
  • Yellow Jackal, Chao, Justice (future tank)
  • Blue Boril, Kiril#2, Isarnia
  • Green Gadeirus, Jack O’Hare (?), Kadilen
  • Red Boldtusk, Colen, ?(Boldtusk#2/Kelile), Red Hood

Boldtusk and Kiril are worth having two of for wars—they are so helpful. Kiril, in particular, is able to flip -defense and -attack, which is huge. I still use these two healers from time to time even with a large roster of maxed 5*.

Jack O’Hare adds some teeth to your line-up. Not a high priority, but think about it.

You’re missing a few all-star 4*: Grimm, Wilbur, Falcon. But a very nice bench! I hope you’ve got one or two TC20 running to try to build out your available 5*.


Thanks for your input everyone! I’ll stay patient and keep levelling those 4* (and 5* eventually).

@Kerridoc, that trio has been avoiding me so far, but I can’t complain overall in terms of my RNG luck. I’m C2P, so they’ll show up eventually. I run one TC20, two TC11 and one TC2 - I need feeders with that many projects at a time.

I’ve been wondering if AoE hitters should feature in my set-up, as they don’t really suit my play style. I was thinking Jack for colour stacking and titans, as at least his special is fast and as I don’t have a green high-priority 4* after maxing Mel and Gad. Guess I’ll level them eventually for war depth, but I’d level healers first

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